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21 Times Glasgow Out-Glasgowed Itself In 2015

Nothing will ever be more Glasgow than 2015 Glasgow.

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1. When the year started as it meant to go on.

I was left a lovely gift by my friends last night! #snoaby #onlyinglasgow

3. When Greggs in Govan decided to go a wee bit Mediterranean.

10 degrees spring is here. Govan's Gregg's has got the street furniture out. You could swear you were in Barcelona.


5. When the breakfast munchie box was born.

Breakfast in a pizza box.... #Glasgow #munchiebox #onlyinglasgow

7. When a Glasgow rugby star decided to start the most baffling fracas of all time.

Instagram: @adnil1967

8. And when this rugby fan wasn't sure he wanted free Wi-Fi that much.


13. When Haraam nobly refused to name and shame.

@Tesco selling something nearly two weeks out of date. #NotCool

14. When some dafties decided to defile a cake.

Instagram: @jmclean221011

15. When Satan was spotted buying 20 B&H in a pair of golfing trousers.

Instagram: @joshhmorrison

16. And when ice cream was not what it seemed.

"Walls: Love Ice Cream" Wait a minute they're not Cornetos! #OnlyInGlasgow

17. When someone thought up a creative way to make some extra cash.

Instagram: @laisdavidson

19. When a Glasgow bathroom company decided this would make a great advert.

Instagram: @haus_of_purse

21. And finally, when a blue-haired hero held an impromptu counselling session with a fox.

Never change, Glasgow. Never change.