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    If Any Of These Pictures Bother You, You Definitely Have Pediophobia

    If you'd rather crawl through glass than watch Annabelle, this post is for you.

    There's a fear that's pretty common. You might not even realise you have it. It's called pediophobia.

    ABC / Giphy

    ...otherwise known as a fear of dolls.

    Think you don't have it? You do, because you surely wouldn't want this nightlight beside your bed.


    This Victorian doll is truly the stuff of nightmares.

    And so is this ancestor of the bride of Chucky.

    Dolls can survive anything, even being submerged at the very bottom of the ocean.

    And the older they get, the creepier they get.

    Would you spend a night at the island of the dolls?

    How would you feel if you found this...thing in the attic?

    Or if you found this possessed doll on a forest walk?

    Would you like to take a journey with these guys?

    Mandy just wants to play...with your organs.

    And these things are relaxing before they murder you.

    Would you choose to spend time with Robert? / Creative Commons

    And would you open the real-life Annabelle's door?

    No, because all dolls are clearly haunted monsters.

    Especially this one.

    In summary, good luck sleeping tonight, guys!


    Dolls are the worst.

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