18 NSFW Regency Facts Your History Teachers Didn't Want You To Know About

    Mr Darcy probably secretly liked to put trumpets up ladies' bottoms.

    1. A lot of folk songs were extremely sexual.

    2. And cartoons were even ruder.

    3. Women were bare-arsed under their dresses.

    4. And they would pee in gravy-boat-shaped pots.

    5. Parmesan ice cream was all the rage.

    6. And pig's tongues were served at Regency balls.

    7. Courting couples were sewn into bed together.

    8. Middle-class babies were often sent away.

    9. Travellers shared beds with strangers.

    10. People used the teeth of dead soldiers as dentures.

    11. Lots of people were fucked up on opium.

    12. People visited murder scenes for fun.

    13. And they also watched pineapples rot.

    14. The Prince Regent was obese and syphilitic.

    15. Some men were vain to the point of absurdity.

    16. Candles and other common items could kill you.

    17. A lot of upper-class men kept mistresses.

    18. And one of of those mistresses wrote a saucy memoir.