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22 Scottish Snapchats That Will Make You Shit Yourself Laughing

One of these pics is a bit NSFW. But what else would you expect from a post about Scottish Snapchat?

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1. This ruined childhood memory:

2. This dug in a taxi:

3. This kid's Halloween outfit:

4. This frustrated shopper:

5. This dad joke:

6. And this one:

7. This spot-on gag:

8. This observation:

9. This sexy selfie:

10. This beautiful T in the Park facepaint:

11. And this Radiohead tribute act:

12. This burn:

13. This nan:

14. This mum:

15. This badass wee sister:

16. This pub sign:

17. This frustrated girlfriend:

18. This face swap:

19. This creative message:

20. This threat:

21. This extremely NSFW snapsterpiece.

22. And, of course, this amazing sight:

This is 100% what Snapchat was created for.
Twitter: @RowenGibsonx

This is 100% what Snapchat was created for.