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16 Places In Scotland That'll Give "Harry Potter" Fans All The Feels

Secret lanes, ancient castles, caves, creepy graveyards...and much more besides.

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1. This hut, which would be perfect for Hagrid.

Instagram: @blsd_crsd_matt

You'll find it at the Scottish Crannog Centre in Kenmore.

2. This pretty village, which must be Godric's Hollow.

Instagram: @scenicbritain

It's actually Dean Village in Edinburgh.

3. These magical, Hogwarts-like cloisters in Glasgow.

Instagram: @maxinemachado

It's the Glasgow university undercroft, and there are no potions classes there.

4. This dead ringer for dodgy Knockturn Alley.

Instagram: @the_metal_guru

It's an old underground street in Edinburgh called Mary King's Close.

5. This haunting chasm with blood-red water.

Instagram: @natalie_proctor

There's definitely a horcrux hidden here in Finnich Glen.

6. And this spooky cave, which is just as atmospheric.

Instagram: @aerre9000

The real-life Horcrux Cave is in Ireland; this is Smoo Cave in Durness, Scotland.

7. This obvious inspiration for Beauxbatons.

Or Dunrobin Castle in Sutherland, to be precise.

8. This ivy-clad Riddle House doppelgänger.

Instagram: @mangu78

It's actually Scone Palace in Perthshire.

9. This real-life Diagon Alley in Edinburgh.

Instagram: @ladyktravels

Otherwise known as Victoria Street.

10. This spooky Malfoy Manor lookalike.

Instagram: @nhyicci

This is the creepy, abandoned Ecclesgreig Castle in Montrose, Angus.

11. This broch, which looks just like Luna's home.

Instagram: @markkelly333

Brochs are huge, windowless prehistoric towers. This one is called Dun Carloway.

12. This "Grand Staircase" in Glasgow.

Instagram: @visitscotland

The stairs don't move at the City Chambers though, sadly.

13. This Hogsmeade-like building in the snow.

Instagram: @zinkeli

It looks like The Three Broomsticks, but it's actually an old school in Edinburgh.

14. This lofty treehouse, which the Weasleys would love.

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The Burrow is a bit taller than Fernie Castle treehouse, but not by much.

15. This graveyard, which is channelling Little Hangleton.

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It's actually in Killean, Argyll, but that doesn't mean it isn't full of Death Eaters.

16. And, of course, Hogwarts itself.

More commonly known as Edinburgh Castle, but we all know the truth. All it needs is a few turrets, and some Threstrals to give you a lift to the top.