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    Posted on May 8, 2017

    21 Times Scottish People Just Went "LOL Fuck It Why Not"

    Making out with your best friend's mum is one thing, Snapchatting it is another.

    1. The lassie who tweeted this to Nicola Sturgeon.

    2. This cheeky phone repair guy in Glasgow.

    He has no fear of being haunted by Steve Jobs angry ghost.

    3. And this shameless sod.

    Twitter: @Scottish_Tweets

    Well, if you don't ask you don't get, I suppose.

    4. This Tesco-bothering ex-boyfriend.

    5. And Sheila.

    Twitter: @c_sixty7

    This is helpful, but inappropriate.

    6. Shettleston goalkeeper Gary Whyte.

    7. Darren, who takes his jokes a bit too far.

    Twitter: @DarrenLaw712

    Just imagine her disappointed wee face.

    8. Kenny.

    Twitter: @katstew2

    He's probably single now.

    9. This mum, who is basically an evil genius.

    10. This "best mate," who does not give a single fuck.

    Twitter: @Stevengray1234

    Love moves in mysterious ways.

    11. The inventor of this "breakfast" wine. Which is definitely the best way to start the day*

    *This is not actually a good way to start the day. Do not start your day like this.

    12. Whoever sold this kid a caravan.

    13. This harsh truth-teller.

    14. And Monty, who isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

    Twitter: @montyyy_x

    "When you find out that your great great grandad helped build the titanic."

    15. This dad, who has no problem with scarring his son for life.

    Twitter: @josh_caldow

    The horror.

    16. Whoever wrote this headline:

    There's just no need.

    17. This toilet-stealing plumber.

    Twitter: @zoebalfour_

    1/10 for morals, 10/10 for effort.

    18. This impatient jobseeker.

    19. This piss-taking bike merchant.

    20. Curtis, who is trying to drive his mum insane.

    21. And Munz, who wasted a perfectly good pizza.

    Twitter: @_IamMunz_

    What the fuck is wrong with you, Munz?

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