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    19 Times The People Of Scotland Proved They Were Woke AF

    We've been fighting injustice with swear words and funny signs since 843AD.

    1. When meninist douche Roosh V had his arse handed to him by Glaswegians and Scottish Twitter:

    2. And when Scots protested the fucker too (ofc), which led to his visit being cancelled:

    3. When Glasgow City Council trolled South Africa in the most ballsy way possible:

    4. And when they did this just before Russian dignitaries arrived for the Commonwealth Games:

    5. When this visiting homophobic preacher got way more than he bargained for.

    6. When Celtic fans made this bold gesture:

    7. And then followed it up with this one:

    8. When the Sunday Herald's TV previewer couldn't take any more of Donald's shite:

    9. When this Bedroom Tax protestor had a simple, powerful, and effective message:

    10. And when this Edinburgh protester had an even clearer one for Donald Trump.

    11. When the Isle of Eigg were representin'.

    12. When Trump's Scottish neighbour did this:

    13. When this person had a 🔥 response to Brexit.

    14. When Miriam called out The Sun for this headline:

    15. When these Edinburgh women used a bench to respond to Muirfield Golf Club's ban on female members.

    16. And when Nicola Sturgeon tweeted this:

    17. When Robert had an impressively hands-on approach to social injustice.

    On a Friday night too. Good lad. He also raised over £8,000 for additional food.

    18. When this amazing charity was born:

    "Welcom refugs." Adorable.

    19. And, of course, when this guy had the best response to an anti-immigration SDL march in Glasgow:

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