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    21 Scottish Habits I Lost When I Moved To England

    Admit it: Nobody actually likes Tennent's.

    1. Stockpiling waterproof clothing and woolly hats.

    2. Asking for a "poke of chips"...

    3. ...or "salt and sauce".

    4. Covering yourself in army-strength insect repellent in summer.

    5. Asking someone to get you a "can of juice" from the shop.

    6. Calling New Year "Hogmanay".

    7. Taking shopping bags everywhere you go.

    8. Eating at Greggs.

    9. Striking up conversations with people on public transport.

    10. Stripping off and sunbathing whenever it isn't raining.

    11. Being afraid of seagulls.

    12. Telling people you were "greetin'" at a sad movie.

    13. Taking scenery like this for granted...

    14. ...or scenery like this.

    15. Drinking Tennent's.

    16. Thanking the driver when you get off the bus.

    17. Spontaneous camping trips.

    18. Eating haggis...

    19. ...and Mother's Pride, Mackie's crisps, and tablet.

    20. Saying "wee".

    21. Dressing like this.

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