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19 Photos That Prove Old Scottish People Are The Greatest

Harry Styles should definitely stay away from Sweet Wee Ethel.

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3. This game-for-a-laugh gran, who knows the importance of retweets.

4. And this one, who was even more obliging.


That's definitely one for the family album.


5. Bette Reynolds, aka "Scottish Drake".

She does hilarious Vine covers of his songs to bagpipe music, and has 25,000 followers. What a hero.

6. This T in the Park model.

Am away down in England n ma Gran is sending me pics of her modelling my stuff that has came for T 😭😭😭

Wheelbarrow full of crisps and MD 20:20 not pictured.


9. This amazing, newly-tattooed 89-year-old.

Wee wifey getting her first tattoo. Looks like Bono has had a major career change!

10. And this up-for-anything granddad.

Me and ma grandad got eachothers names tattooed on us last night hahahahahahaha #LarryAndLeighton

12. This gran, who actually became a meme.

Just seen a guy post a meme pic of ma gran on twitter haha!


15. And Linda, who knows you're never too old to sesh.

Linda capon everyone aka Ma gran

16. This stylish couple.

ma gran and grandad r relationship goals x x x 💋

Relationship goals? More like outfit goals.


17. This gran, who's totally bogarting the shishas.

Here's ma gran rattling two shishas at the same time......

Such a niccy hog. Smh.