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    Posted on Jun 23, 2017

    20 Of The Cringiest Fails That Have Ever Happened In Scotland

    If you can get through this post without laughing guiltily, you're no human.

    1. This poor lassie, who probably needs to retake her test.

    Twitter: @Goudie15

    And also get a new car.

    2. Although at least she passed, unlike this guy.

    Facebook: ukmsn

    Oh, Craig.

    3. This really unfortunate DIY tip.

    Facebook: 653789334701294

    She'll be so disappointed in about one hour.

    4. This very public failure to be good at karate.

    Meanwhile in Scotland, a karate exhibition is underway at a summer fete...

    5. This harsh/genius way to get rid of a bloke.

    6. This deeply unfortunate cat-astrophe.

    Twitter: @stefan888

    "Ah'm no comin' down 'til you clean up this mess."

    7. This guy's mum.

    Twitter: @kylemcgrath94

    Wit chance ye got?

    8. Poor Tasha, who probably no longer has a bum.

    Hahahahahahahahaha could not be happier this was caught on camera

    9. This absolute travesty.

    Twitter: @Melfyx

    "I'm getting hints of...earthiness. And starch. And...Maureen is that a fucking tattie?"

    10. Lewis, who lost a tenner.

    11. This horrifying, cringe-inducing mistake.

    12. Not to mention this one.

    Twitter: @emilygaskellx

    😳 😳 😳

    13. This lassie, whose presents won't be a surprise.

    14. Poor, red-faced Ryan, who can never get a taxi again.

    Twitter: @Ryan_McCran

    *Dies of embarrassment*

    15. This ridiculous series of texts.

    16. This comment by Stacie, who's even more baffled by life.

    Facebook: pg

    *Files under "jokes that only work in a Scottish accent"*

    17. This unfortunate comment.

    18. This cringey-as-fuck situation.

    19. This truly quick and efficient way to lose a job.

    20. And finally, Paul and his giant orange foot.

    He's going to have to do the rest of his body the same colour to even it out.

    Warner Bros. / Giphy

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