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16 Things You Can Drink On Burns Night If You Fucking Hate Whisky

If you think whisky tastes of TCP mixed with burned trees, this list is for you.

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1. Cairn O' Mhor Bramble and Oakleaf Wine

Instagram: @ardrossfarmshop

It "gangs wi' haggis" (or so says the label), it's packed with tasty dark fruit, and it's a healthy 13.3%. What more could you ask for? You can buy it here.

2. Strathearn Oaked Highland Gin

Instagram: @quibsevery

This smoked Scottish gin looks like whisky, but the only similarity in taste is a slight oakiness and a hint of vanilla. Buy a bottle here.

3. Fraoch Heather Ale

Instagram: @ferneyb75

This refreshing amber ale is based on an ancient Gaelic beer recipe for "Leann Fraoch" (heather beer), and is brewed with heather and bogmyrtle. Buy it here.

4. Innis and Gunn Original

Instagram: @varinders85

This smooth, strong beer is aged in old whisky casks to give it a rich, toffee-like flavour with a hint of oak. It doesn't taste like whisky though. Buy it here.


5. Holy Grass Vodka

Instagram: @thegoodwineshophq

This delicate Scottish vodka is infused with apples and a sweet, vanilla-scented plant called Holy Grass, which grows by the nearby Thurso River. Buy it here.

6. Atholl Brose

Instagram: @meleklerin_payi

This traditional liqueur does contain a bit of whisky (sorry), but it's blended with cream and honey as well, which masks the flavour. You can buy some here.

7. Crabbies Spiced Orange Ginger Beer

Instagram: @metal_dooder

This spices in this tasty, boozy Scottish brew will definitely warm you up on a cold January night, and the orange adds a nice zing. You can buy it here.

8. Dark Island Ale

This smooth, dark beer has a chocolatey flavour with hints of roasted malts and rich hops. It's won several awards, and goes well with meat dishes. Buy it here.


9. Edinburgh Gin raspberry liqueur

Instagram: @cookingwithluce75

No celebration is complete without a bit of fizz, so why not Scottish-up yours with this delicious, delicate raspberry liqueur? You know you want to. Buy it here.

10. Brewdog Paradox Stout

Instagram: @gurans

This series of hefty, 15% dark beers are aged in a variety of malt whisky barrels to give them a beguiling peatiness and smokiness. You can buy them here.

12. Thistly Cross Cider

Instagram: @williamhelmanv

This East Lothian farm company make a wide range of Scottish drinks, including this cask-aged cider, and a jaggy thistle variety too. You can buy them here.


13. Orkney Gin

Instagram: @orkneygincompany

This tiny company make small batch, artisan gin on the island of Burray from local, hand-picked botanicals. It's 100% Scottish, and very delicious. Buy it here.

15. Gin Bothy mulled gin

Instagram: @travellingteuchter

This spicy gin is infused with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg; a real winter warmer in other words. Like whisky, it goes well with ginger beer. You can buy it here.

16. A Robert Burns ale

This "warm, reekin', and rich" traditional ale would definitely have met with the bard's approval. Even better still, it isn't whisky. You can buy it here.