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    Pokémon Go Is Making Scottish Companies Act Really Strangely

    A taxi company are running a "Pokétour" of Edinburgh; a Glasgow shopping centre has introduced special "Pokélanes". What the hell is going on?

    Central Taxis in Edinburgh has introduced a £15 "Pokétour" service just in time for the city's annual arts festival.

    Twitter: @centraltaxised

    The 20-minute city centre tour claims to follow a route that guarantees players will hit at least 50 Pokéstops, as well as taking in some interesting and historic locations where rare Pokémon have been spotted.

    The company's IT apprentice came up with the idea (and the route) as he's a massive Pokémon Go fan. / BuzzFeed

    Eighteen-year-old Cameron Herkes had only been working for the firm for two months when he pitched the tour idea to his bosses. He told the Press Association: "I was just sitting in the office and it occurred to me that you could get things done in the game so much more quickly if someone was driving you around."

    But you can't flag down just any cab and ask for the tour.

    Twitter: @centraltaxised

    Not all of Central's drivers are involved, so if you just hop into a random cab you're likely to be met with a confused "whit's a charizard, hen?" Instead, you need to call and book the tour in advance, then meet a Pokémon-savvy driver at a prearranged location, usually Waterloo Place in the city centre.

    You'll also be able to access useful facts and information about Edinburgh as you're driven around. / BuzzFeed

    As well as collectables, Pokéstops dish out useful facts about points of interest along the way, so you'll also find out more about the city.

    It's not just Central Taxis, either. Lots of other Scottish businesses are jumping on the trend.

    Nick Ponty

    Silverburn, a busy shopping centre in Glasgow, has introduced special lanes for Pokémon players to stop them crashing into shoppers. Claire Morrison, a spokesperson for Silverburn, told BuzzFeed News the centre had seen a big increase in footfall, with people chasing rare Pokémon that have spawned nearby.

    "Kids have been absolutely loving running up and down the lanes," she said, "and a couple of shoppers thought they had to stay in lane instead of the players."

    There's also a shopping centre in Aberdeen that has introduced "human charge points" for mobile phones.

    Union Square / McFrank PR

    If you visit Union Square shopping centre, you'll find several people emblazoned with lightning logos holding battery packs, and they'll wander around with you powering your phone while you try to track down Squirtles and Eevees.

    Oh, and there's a garden centre in Gourock that has turned Pokéhunting into a competition.

    Cardwell Garden Centre

    According to Cardwell Garden Centre near Gourock, there are shedloads of rare plant-type Pokémon hiding out around various displays and under garden benches. Staff were initially "baffled" as to why people were coming in and wandering around staring at their phones, but then decided to get on board.

    Anyone who shares a picture of a Pokémon caught at the centre gets entered into a daily prize draw.

    Several people have already taken part in the hope of landing one of Cardwell's lucrative £5 café gift vouchers. Just think of all the scones you could buy for that.

    In short, if you want to catch 'em all, you should probably come to Scotland.

    "Could you go round again, please, pal? The bloody Lapras broke free."