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    36 Reasons Absolutely Everyone Hates The Scottish Borders

    Scottish Borders? More like Scottish bore-ders.

    1. A handful of people like to claim that the Scottish Borders are pretty.

    Daverhead / Getty Images

    2. Yeah, right. Everyone knows the Borders are actually ugly as hell.

    Slide71 / Getty Images

    Star trails near Selkirk.

    3. In fact, the whole region is a blighted, urban hellhole.

    Derekmcdougall / Getty Images

    St. Abbs, Berwickshire.

    4. Full of rough, mean, unfriendly types.

    Flickr: pikerslanefarm / Creative Commons

    Highland cows near Baddinsgill.

    5. You won't find any beautiful lochs in the Borders.

    Chris148 / Getty Images

    6. Or dramatic scenery: You only get that up north.

    Flickr: mpendlebury / Creative Commons

    7. It's not "proper" Scotland, in other words.

    8. There's absolutely sod-all to do in the Borders.

    Flickr: petermacdonald / Creative Commons

    Mountain biking at 7Stanes, Glentress.

    9. Nope, not a single thing.

    Versevend / Getty Images

    Fishing boat for hire on the River Tweed.

    10. There are no interesting, quirky traditions to explore...

    Flickr: 35436622@N06 / Creative Commons

    Common riding in Langholm.

    11. ...and absolutely no culture at all.

    12. You can give up all hope of finding somewhere scenic to eat, too.

    Thomas Reavill / Alamy

    Ebbcarrs Café, St Abbs harbour.

    13. There's nowhere decent to go for a drink, either.

    14. And you have to go all the way to Edinburgh to get classy food.

    Facebook: Kailzie

    Spiced butternut squash soup, Kailzie Gardens Restaurant.

    15. The Borders have never produced any creative or note-worthy people.

    Flickr: pikerslanefarm / Creative Commons

    Abbotsford House, home of Sir Walter Scott.

    16. Which is unsurprising really; it's all so ugly and uninspiring.

    Antonel / Getty Images

    17. Can you imagine actually having to live here? Urgh.

    Flickr: jono566 / Creative Commons

    18. In fact, it's hard to say anything good about the towns at all.

    Flickr: comedynose / Creative Commons

    19. Admit it: You'd rather live in a ditch.

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Creative Commons

    20. You can put your phones away; there's nothing Instagram-worthy here.

    Jiduha / Getty Images

    21. The whole region has absolutely no sense of history.

    Alanfin / Getty Images

    22. So you'll be lucky to see a single well-preserved building.

    Thorsten Schmitz / Getty Images

    Floors Castle, Kelso.

    23. And the few there are definitely don't look like something out of Game of Thrones.

    Flickr: 91451979@N00 / Creative Commons

    24. Spring is a particularly dreary time of year.

    Flickr: brostad / Creative Commons

    25. They don't really get a summer either. It's so sad.

    Deanburn / Getty Images

    26. Autumn is bleak and miserable.

    Flickr: 27718315@N02 / Creative Commons

    27. And winter is unspeakably gloomy and grim.

    Derekmcdougall / Getty Images


    28. If you like the sea, you should steer clear of the Borders.

    Flickr: jono566 / Creative Commons

    Pettico Wick Bay.

    29. In fact, the coastal areas are the worst thing about the whole place.

    30. It's embarrassing the way they go on about their beaches.

    Flickr: nigel321 / Creative Commons

    31. Seriously, who could be proud of this?

    Perarduaadastra / Getty Images

    32. In short, you shouldn't touch the Borders with a barge pole.

    Flickr: dmclear / Creative Commons

    33. It's an unspeakably ugly and lifeless place.

    Flickr: 31878512@N06 / Creative Commons

    34. A miserable dump with nothing worth recommending.

    Derekmcdougall / Getty Images


    35. It's a genuine pity that anyone actually has to live there.

    Flickr: gellscom / Creative Commons

    Upper Houndlaw, Eyemouth.

    36. In fact, it's hardly surprising that everyone hates it.

    Flickr: jono566 / Creative Commons

    Coldingham Bay at dusk.

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