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Which Place In Scotland Gives You All The Feels?

Have you met the sexy loch of your dreams?

If you live in Scotland, you've probably visited a lot of awesome and unusual places.

White Horse Close, a picturesque hidden gem in Scotland and one of the wonders of #canonGREAT #ThisisEdinburgh

Like secluded hills, magical glens, and secret hidden gems.

Or maybe you once visited Scotland and were charmed by a particularly lovely spot?

#Inveraray Castle, one of my favorite castles visited in #Scotland #travel #britishisles #princesscruises #campbell

...or giant castle.

Either way, you've probably got a favourite place.

Cape wrath Scotland my favourite place

An area you adore that isn't like anywhere else.

β€œ@F00l_0f_A_T00k: Uist is my favourite place in Scotland! It is ridiculously beautiful. Hebrides ” Shhh, tell no-one!

Somewhere other people might not have heard of, but that you think is absolutely magical.

Pucks Glen on the Cowal Peninsula in Scotland!

Or a place that makes you feel at one with the universe.

β€œ@pressjournal: Northern Lights above my favourite place in whole wide world. Isle of Lewis ”

Whatever your favourite hidden (or not so hidden) gem is, we want to hear about it. So tell us: Which place in Scotland gives you all the feels?

Spumador / Getty Images

The ruins of Bishop House at Iona Abbey. πŸ’™

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