18 Times Sam Heughan Was Hilarious, Cute, And Deeply Hot

    He is the true King of Scotland.

    1. When he was asked whether he'd rather play a zombie on The Walking Dead or a rapper on Empire.

    2. When jokingly he told us what he thinks the future holds for his Outlander character.

    3. When he just really wanted some cake.

    4. When he cheerfully admitted to wearing a corset.

    5. And just as cheerfully admitted that he prefers whipping to history lessons.

    6. When he couldn't remember which Outlander scenes he'd been in.

    7. When he gave us a valuable history lesson.

    8. When he couldn't resist mucking around behind the scenes on the Outlander set.

    9. When he admitted to watching his steamy sex scene with Cait... with Cait.

    10. When he tried to preserve his rugged, manly image.

    11. When he got super excited while telling this story.

    12. When he made this spot-on point about Fifty Shades Of Grey.

    13. When he was hilariously rude to Cait.

    14. When he corrected a Gaelic expert's prononciation of "sassenach."

    15. When he was each and every one of us when it comes to his TV-watching habits.

    16. When he was asked whether he wears anything under his kilt.

    (Answer: nope.)

    17. When he rated Outlander porn parodies, and made us all die of thirst.

    18. And when he finally landed his "dream role."

    Please never, ever change, Sam.