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    16 Times "Orange Is The New Black" Characters Perfectly Summed Up Relationships

    "You've got think about your life choices."

    1. When Alex made this perfect point about love.

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    2. When Piper highlighted the importance of having shared interests.

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    "Promise me you're not watching Mad Men without me. That when I get out of here, we're gonna binge watch it together."

    3. When Suzanne showed us that relationships are all about making sacrifices.


    "I threw my pie for you."

    4. When Susan set out this important ground rule.


    5. When Daya reminded us that honesty plays a vital role in all relationships.

    6. When Suzanne pointed out that you have to have a good relationship with yourself.

    7. When Alex made this excellent point about appreciating your partner's skills and abilities.

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    8. When Sophia reminded us that that love isn't always easy.


    9. When Polly pointed out this inescapable truth about long-term relationships.

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    "You keep looking for people you have that chemical thing with, but that's not the whole package. You have to find someone you can spend two weeks with in a cramped timeshare in Montauk, in the rain, and not want to kill."

    10. When Alex reminded us that fear of being alone isn't a legitimate excuse to stay in a relationship.

    11. When Poussey showed us that we shouldn't believe everything we read in Cosmo (or Curve).


    Creative positions usually aren't worth the effort.

    12. When Suzanne taught us that regular compliment-giving is the secret to a happy marriage.


    13. When Alex perfectly summed up the number one lesbian dating rule of all time.


    "Rule number one: Don't ever fall in love with a straight girl."

    14. When Poussey explained how love should feel.

    15. When Alex reminded us that the brain really is the sexiest part of the body.


    16. And when Suzanne summed it all up in a nutshell.

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