23 Reasons Growing Up In Scotland Ruins You For Life

    Singing kettles, seaside trips, and Scottish Plain toast = heaven.

    1. Because you could stay out really late in summer.

    2. Because this was the best dinner ever, especially if you'd been out playing kerby all day.

    3. And this was the best breakfast:

    4. Because you spent your school holidays hanging out in gorgeous places like this:

    5. If it was sunny, you'd probably go to the seaside...

    6. ...even if it was baltic.

    7. Because there was absolutely nothing more fun than sticking this to your friends.

    8. Apart from picking brambles, of course.

    9. Because it snowed almost every winter.

    10. And sometimes, it snowed a lot.

    11. Which meant you knew how to rock a snowsuit.

    12. Because The Singing Kettle were some of the best children's entertainers on Earth...

    13. ...and so was Mr Boom.

    14. Because these were the best "chocolates" around.

    15. And could you imagine growing up without Highland Toffee? Naw.

    16. Because Oor Wullie was way better than Tintin.

    17. And because you could happily spend hours on the Isle of Struay with Katie Morag.

    18. Because you got to take boats everywhere.

    They were the only way to get from A to B if you lived on an island, or wanted to take a shortcut across a loch. If you were lucky, you'd see seals or dolphins along the way.

    19. Because this place was miles better than Alton Towers.

    And you'd happily travel for miles to get to the Irn-Bru Carnival. Hell, you'd make your parents take a ferry if you had to.

    20. Because these were actual currency...

    21. ...which you could use to buy an Irn-Bru float.

    22. Because you'd be dragged out of the house for scenic walks at every given opportunity.

    23. I mean, can you imagine spending your childhood anywhere other than this?