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    19 Quirks That Scottish People Don't Realise Are Super Weird

    The world just doesn't understand our love of shit barbecues and well-fired rolls.

    1. Sunbathing in Arctic temperatures.

    Twitter: @Tomcoronel

    This one's fairly easy to explain: We're all suffering from insanity due to chronic paleness and a lack of vitamin D.

    2. And dressing in clothes that do not reflect the actual weather, in any possible way.

    'nuff said.

    3. Putting pasta in pies.

    Twitter: @imogenwalsh / BuzzFeed

    Look, it's so windy in Scotland that just fighting it to get to work is like running a marathon, which is why we need to carb-load. Also fuck off, we just like pie.

    4. Behaving like we're Highland warriors all the time, even if we live in the lowlands and shop at Waitrose. / Scottish_Tweets

    "Ye may take our LIVES, but ye'll never take OUR FREEEEEDOM! We'll bathe in the blood of..."

    "Karen, tone it down a bit. You're a primary school teacher."

    5. Being weirdly apologetic about having loads of change when paying for stuff. / Creative Commons / Twitter: @cannyswim / BuzzFeed

    And of course, the correct reaction to this statement is always: "Naw it's grand, we're always glad of change! Saves us going to the bank."

    6. Doing outdoor activities in weather that would make Bear Grylls shit a brick and cry.

    Twitter: @WRunstrong

    This is a picture of a group of women doing a charity run. In winter. We are a nation of truly hard cunts, and we're proud of it. Now pass the pasta pie, thanks.

    7. Casually dropping the word "cunt" into conversation.

    Twitter: @milphitchell

    This feels so normal until you accidentally say it to someone from England or America, and they react like you just spat on their mum. It's OK to say it to Australians, though – they're basically honorary Scots.

    8. Calling this "roasted cheese".

    Twitter: @robbie3nimmo

    It's not roasted, it's grilled. But roasted sounds better tbh. Like it's a medieval feast rather than a mediocre snack.

    9. Eating burnt rolls.

    Flickr: viralbus / Creative Commons / Twitter: @alawevans / BuzzFeed

    To be fair, the ones pictured are more charred than the devil's testicles; they're just supposed to be very brown and crispy. But even so, it's a bit odd.

    10. Calling this "the big light". / BuzzFeed

    Even though it's not particularly big.

    11. Having barbecues that look like this.

    Twitter: @GrangemouthDofE

    Look, it rains all the bloody time. We'd be crazy to spend £49.99 on one of those fancy metal barbecues with a lid. CRAZY. This version is fine.

    12. Ice cream vans that sell bread, milk, sweets, and pretty much anything else you can name.

    Facebook: BeingScottish

    "Ah've run out of ice cream, sorry hen."

    "Nae problem, I'll take some Findus crispy pancakes and a copy of Razzle instead."

    13. Thinking Sudocrem is a magical salve that cures absolutely any illness you can think of.

    Facebook: Scottish

    This is particularly true of mums.

    14. Celebrating the new year by plunging yourself into icy waters while dressed as a twat.

    Twitter: @qferryambition

    This is particularly true of people from Edinburgh.

    15. Starting literally every sentence with the words "here", or "hawl, you!"

    BBC / Twitter: @lucyglen_ / BuzzFeed

    "Here, ah was in Tesco getting ma messages the other day."

    "Here, did ye see that thing in the news?"

    "Here, dae I say 'here' too much?"

    16. Our pronunciation of the letter J. / Twitter: @mufc_kelan / BuzzFeed

    "No, my name's Jay Kay. Why is this so confusing for you?" – The guy from Jamiroquai trying to get served in a Scottish Starbucks.

    17. Taking kids to bars.

    Twitter: @twisteddoodles

    We've all been in pubs from an early age, but it's not really the done thing in other countries. Still, didn't do me any harm. *strawpedos a pint of whisky*

    18. Irn-Bru.

    Twitter: @craighermit

    What does Irn-Bru actually taste like? No one knows, and its impossible to describe. We just accept its strangeness as an integral part of Scottish life.

    19. And, of course, having a completely fictional beast as our national animal.

    Flickr: tomaisashdene / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

    Scotland: Officially not giving a single fuck since 843 AD.

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