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    19 Edinburgh Quirks That Seriously Confuse Everyone Else, Particularly Glaswegians

    What the fuck is the deal with chippy sauce, anyway?

    1. Why do you need instructions on your bins?

    Twitter: @Guide2Scotland

    You're always saying you're cleverer than us, but clearly this isn't true.

    2. Why do your buses not give change? / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

    And why are singles such an awkward amount? £1.60? You must know everyone'll end up paying £2. What are you doing with all those 40ps?

    3. Why do you say "eh" and "like" constantly?

    Pixabay / Creative Commons / Twitter: @chxrlott_

    It's like, a bit confusing eh?

    4. Why does it cost so much to rent a flat? / BuzzFeed

    You do know this flat would cost about £295 a month in Maryhill, right?

    5. Why don't you like the festival?

    Flickr: theedinburghblog / Creative Commons

    When you complain about it you sound a bit like a spoiled 16-year-old who doesn't like the Porsche they got for their birthday because it's the wrong colour.

    6. WTF does "shan" mean?

    Flickr: stacey-family / Creative Commons / Twitter: @sarooshee


    7. Why isn't Edinburgh a 24-hour city? / Twitter: @k_d85 / BuzzFeed

    All your takeaways seem to close at about 10.30pm. What do you do after that, die of starvation? You need a few branches of the Blue Lagoon dotted about.

    8. Why is your nightlife so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Geograph / Creative Commons / Twitter: @Rianna_xo_

    Don't take this too personally or anything, but you're supposed to be the capital. Where are all your clubs? They all seem to be shutting down, what's that about?

    9. And why do drinks cost such an insane amount?

    Twitter: @Hoodwink1983

    You could get 3 bottles of wine for that at the Lifestyle Express on Sauchiehall street.

    10. What's the deal with "chippy sauce"?

    Twitter: @denise_fraser Twitter: @jordaanmcbryer

    It's like vinegar and gravy had an unholy, tangy, evil child. Smh.

    11. Why have you never properly embraced the munchie box?

    Twitter: @mrvindj

    A few takeaways in Edinburgh do them, but not many. What do you do when you have a hangover? Drink chippy sauce? Weirdos.

    12. Why have you got so many roadworks going on all the time?

    Twitter: @Leosoki

    Is it a punishment thing? Were you all bad in a former life? And what are "innovative technics"?

    13. Why is your main shopping street so long?

    Film Four / Giphy

    You start out at the Apple store, end up at Gap, then decide you actually want that thing you saw at Top Shop. Before you know it you've walked 31 miles. It's "shan".

    14. What's the deal with this unimaginative nickname? / Creative Commons / Twitter: @seanmcbae

    Couldn't you have come up with something better? We don't call our city "the Gow."

    15. How come your accents are so posh and strange?

    Twitter: @hollystevee

    Like no offence but you all sound like you're gargling with diamonds.

    16. Why do you never host stadium gigs?

    Are your pitches too precious to allow the likes of Queen Bey to stand on them? Or do you just like coming through to Glasgow every time a big name is playing?

    17. How do you deal with the shite parking rules?

    Twitter: @edinspotlight

    Even movie props get parking tickets. Your traffic wardens are something else.

    18. And how do you cope with the fucking weather?

    Flickr: martinb / Creative Commons / Twitter: @conormorris94

    It always seems to be about 10 degrees colder than it is in the west, mainly because of your crippling, icy winds. Is that why you don't have much nightlife: does no one ever want to risk going out after dark in case they freeze to death?

    19. And finally, why are you so rude about Glasgow?

    Twitter: @kitty_thomson

    Is it because you're jealous because you know Glasgow's so much better than Edinburgh? Well pack it in, or else we'll steal all your hubcaps.