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21 Frustrating Experiences You Had If You Grew Up In Greater Manchester

You spent a hell of a lot of your time on late trams and shit trains.

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2. Even though you're actually from one of these places.

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Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Wigan, Rawtenstall, Leigh, Chorley, Warrington...they're all a literal grey area in most people's minds.

4. And it's even worse if you're trying to talk to a Londoner.


Sometimes, they're not even sure where Manchester is, so you just have to gesticulate vaguely and say "The North," like you're an extra in Game of Thrones.


5. And you're sick to your back teeth of being asked if you support City or United.

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This is even more annoying if you support your local team, which, inevitably, the person questioning you won't have heard of. "What's a 'Bolton Wandererer?'"

6. Sometimes, you try to prove you're from a "real" town by listing famous people from your area.

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"Victoria Wood went to school in Bury. And Ian McKellen is from Bolton!" But that doesn't really help people figure out where those places are. Plus, they don't really care, so you still end up saying "near Manchester".

8. Not to mention rattling local trains full of weirdos.

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"Hmm, shall I spend the next hour sitting next to the guy dressed as an alien, the drunk bloke in a Kappa tracksuit, or the woman eating a pie butty from Leo's Fish Bar?"


9. And the bumpy bus journeys from your town into Manchester were the literal worst.

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They were usually hot, late, so dirty that you couldn't see out of the windows, and (occasionally) full of topless men with rabbits.

10. But it had to be done because Manchester was the place to be, especially the Arena.

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But because the last train to Bolton, Wigan, Chorley, or Preston inevitably left before the gig finished, you'd have to choose between missing the last song or spending a fortune on a taxi home. Bastards.

11. Also, hanging out in your own town centre wasn't exactly appealing when you were a teenager. / Creative Commons

Stare at the tent display in "Outdoor World" for the hundredth time, or take a gruelling, hot, two-hour bus journey into town to stare blankly at some slightly different shops? Choices, choices.

12. Which meant Saturdays were usually spent mooching around the Arndale with your mates. / Creative Commons

Because who wouldn't want to spend hours getting to a shopping centre that looked like a giant toilet? But you'd always have to leave early because the last bus to your town would always be at about 7pm.


13. Your boozy Manchester nights out would almost always end in an expensive (or weird) taxi journey.

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Ending up watching Take Me Out in Stretford is the very best possible outcome to any Manchester minicab journey, tbf.

14. So you'd usually ask one of your city centre-based friends if you could crash at their house instead.

But that meant you'd eventually have to peel yourself off their floor, stagger back to the bus station, and do that hot, bumpy journey in reverse with a hangover.

15. And you've probably checked into the "Hotel De Random Shag" at least once.


Go home with the cute-but-extremely-drunk random you pulled at 5th Av, or stand in a taxi queue for three hours? It's a pretty easy choice.


17. You don't know that much about Manchester, which causes problems when you're asked for advice.

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"I'm going to Manchester soon. Can you recommend a good Thai place / pub?" This is even more tricky if you moved away when you were 18, in which case you can only really recommend the best student bars for underage drinking.

20. At the end of the day, you're proud that you're not actually from Manc land.

Twitter: @RiffRaff1971

It's not that great, to be fair. Yes, it gets all the gigs and the clubs are ~OK~, but does it have Bolton's weird concrete elephants, Chorley's cakes, Wigan's pier, or Ramsbottom's hilarious name? No.