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19 Grilled Sandwich Ideas That Will Blow Your Damn Mind

Forget plain cheese or tuna melt; you need some new fillings in your life.

1. Pulled pork and sriracha guacamole toastie

If you've got a slow cooker, making this recipe is easy. Firstly, make the pulled pork in your cooker, whizz up some guacamole with added sriracha, combine the two with cheese, toast it all, et voilà. Full recipe here.

2. Eggy bread pizza toastie

Facebook: buzzfeedpropertasty

This clever and delicious recipe is also super straightforward: Simply dip a mozzarella and pepperoni sandwich in a mixture of egg, tomato puree, oregano and garlic powder, then fry it. Watch a how-to video here.

3. Jalapeño popper toastie

If you like spicy food, then look no further than this truly amazing sandwich. Fresh jalapeños are stuffed with cream cheese, then used as a toastie filling with lashings of cheddar. You can watch an instructional video here.

4. Jaffa cake toastie

This wickedly delicious toastie combines dark chocolate, marmalade, and mascarpone. It's the brainchild of Cheese Posties, a toastie kit subscription service, but you can make one yourself easily enough.

5. Indian-style naan toastie

Twitter: @Zoomer

This absolute babe of a toastie uses Patak's ready made plain naan in place of standard white bread, and the filling is a delicious mixture of cheddar, mango chutney, and fresh mint. Recipe here.

6. Apple strudel toastie

Facebook: buzzfeedpropertasty

The filling for this sweet toastie is an aromatic blend of apples, sugar, sultanas, lemon zest, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Serve with a dollop of cream as well if you're feeling extra decadent. Here's a video showing the method.

7. Beef chilli and cheese toastie

Twitter: @Grill_my_cheese

Got some leftover chilli lying around the house? Don't freeze it, make it into a decadent toastie like this one by London café-stall Grill My Cheese instead. You can also aadd some slivers of fresh green chilli to give it a bit of crunch.

8. Ham, camembert, and apple croissant toastie

Facebook: buzzfeedpropertasty

Who said you had to use bread to make a toastie? This French-inspired gem by Proper Tasty uses a fresh croissant instead. You can see the recipe here.

9. Cheesy hash brown toastie

Facebook: buzzfeedpropertasty

Or – even better – why not use hash browns instead? This amazing recipe is a true potato-lovers dream. You just add cheese slices onto half of the hash browns, then cover them a second hash brown, and toast. Recipe here.

10. Garlic bread toastie

And why use normal bread when you could use *drumroll* garlic bread? This recipe is simple, delicious, and you can make it as garlicky as you want.

11. Gooey vegan toastie with pesto

Who said vegans can't join in the toastie fun? Animal rights group Peta recommend this amazing pesto melt featuring GoVeggie! vegan mozzarella shreds, but you can use any vegan cheese substitute. Recipe here.

12. Mac 'n' cheese toastie

Twitter: @grill_my_cheese

This one's a doddle. Just make your favourite stovetop mac n' cheese recipe (there's a great one here), whack it between two slices of buttered bread, pop in your toastie machine, and Bob's your uncle: Carb heaven.

13. Burger toastie

Twitter: @meltmongers

This cheeky toastie recipe features a whole, freshly-made burger, as well as bacon, tomato, and swiss cheese. Alternatively, you could drop into Meltmongers in Edinburgh for their own version, which features fried onions as well.

14. Bacon-cheese-waffle toastie

This ridiculously indulgent treat swaps the bread in a traditional toastie for freshly-made buttermilk waffles, and throws in aged cheddar and peppery bacon for good measure. Recipe here.

15. Mediterranean toastie

Twitter: @Grill_my_cheese

This summery toastie combines courgettes cooked with fresh mint, basil, lemon and a dash of chilli with goat cheese and cheddar. It sounds fancy, but once you've cooked those courgettes the rest is a breeze.

16. Mini toastie waffle pockets

Facebook: buzzfeedpropertasty

These dainty little strawberry treats are made by pouring a sweet, eggy batter into a toastie maker. Yes, that's actually a thing, and it works really well too. You can see a video that shows you exactly how to make them here.

17. Canneloni toastie.

Twitter: @Grill_my_cheese

This Italian-inspired toastie is filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, lemon, toasted pine nuts, cheddar, and crispy bacon. It's a true feast, and you assemble it in layers as shown. Or you can just buy one from Grill My Cheese in London.

18. Balsamic blueberry and cream cheese toastie

This sweet toastie makes an ideal weekend brunch. You'll need some good quality bread, icing sugar, butter, cream cheese, and either frozen or fresh blueberries. Recipe here.

19. Gruyère and French onion toastie

If you like your cheese toasties as startlingly, oozingly gooey as possible, you definitely need to use gruyère. This recipe is a fantastic starting point, and you can also add ham to make a sexy twist on an old classic. Be still my beating heart.

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