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19 Times Scottish Twitter Was Really Fucking Funny About Pokémon Go

"I'm gonnae fuckin run North Glesga with my Pokemon Young Team."

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Downloaded pokemon go to see wit the fuss was and caught 3 while dain a shite #arseketchum



Pokemon Go is a brilliant idea. Fair enough, it can lead to abductions and so on, but it gets the weans out and about.


Any birds playing Pokemon Go theres hunners of rare ones at ma gaff xxx


Big squad eh goths down the town playing pokemon go. Nice to see the children of the underworld oot having fun too


Usedy be that cunt at the back off the class wi a long greasy Barnet that strangled cats that played Pokemon but obviously hings change


That's yer da telling yer maw he's located a rare Pokemon down the pub again.


Scotland: A place so wet that Pokemon Go deems fit to place a water Pokemon on the street.


Fuck yer #PokemonGO dae wit i did as a wean..drop an acid n away oot a walk. #weansthesedays


Spent Ma night cuttin aboot eh toon catching Pokemon, virginity has been restored


glad ma laddies are junkies rather than embarrassing me gon oot looking for pokemon wi there phones


Delta bar is a pokestop, something tells me a lot of weans are going to be getting knifed


My grandads sheltered housing are arranging Pokemon Go walks across Edinburgh. What a time to be alive


Lookin for those Pokemon hings? Dinny be doin that at 3 in the morning in someones gairden or you'll get huckled fae us! #witsthatawaboot


took the dug a walk, there's weans walking about looking for Pokemon, it's a Friday night fs should be looking for someone tae buy yer cargo


I'm gonnae fuckin run North Glesga with my Pokemon Young Team.


#PokemonGO #Pokemon Windy says a wee bit oh #Scottish humour to lighten the mood. Gies a RT @govindajeggy #Navid 😂😂😂


Fuck sake, gonna bump into cunts doon the toon noo asking if there going for a haircut or whatever n they will be like nut, Pokemon bro xxx


If u ever sit n hink yer life's pish just remember av got a boyfriend who's nearly 18 stoatin aboot a park playin Pokemon Go