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    28 Things About Scotland That Will Surprise Everyone

    Fancy paddling to the pub for a pint? H/t Atlas Obscura.

    1. You can grab a pint at the most remote pub in mainland Britain.

    2. There's an 88-foot long model of the Titanic behind a house in Inverness.

    3. And a beautiful chapel on Orkney that was built by Italian prisoners of war.

    4. You can visit a creepy abandoned castle in Drymen that once housed Nazi war criminals.

    5. Although the worst of the worst were housed at Cultybraggan in Perthshire.

    6. There's a truly crazy fire festival in Moray.

    7. And a site of ancient pagan worship at Dunino Den.

    8. We have the world's only singing waterfall.

    9. There are a series of weird statues in Edinburgh that lead down to the sea.

    10. And a memorial to a much-loved cat in St. Andrews.

    11. We're home to the highest hedge on the planet...

    12. ...and the world's shortest street.

    13. You can see an amazing shell house in Anstruther.

    14. Or stroll around a giant, 3D, map of Scotland.

    15. The "Golden Snitch" is (possibly) on display at the National Museum of Scotland.

    16. There's an abandoned village in Argyll and Bute

    17. You can go caving on one of Scotland's most remote islands.

    18. And we have an amazing sea kayaking trail.

    19. You can stay in a house that looks like a pineapple.

    20. Or sleep in a historic sex club.

    21. There's a secret nuclear bunker tucked beneath an Edinburgh hill.

    22. You can sleep in a geodesic ecopod overlooking Castle Stalker.

    23. You can take a stroll around the best-preserved Neolithic village in Europe.

    24. Or visit a weird puppet museum in a Glasgow library.

    25. We have an amazing castle covered in graffiti.

    26. You can visit St. Valentine's bones at a Glasgow church.

    27. Or visit a Garden of Cosmic Speculation...

    28. ...which also features a pair of giant, grassy buttocks.

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