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    27 Piss-Funny "Absolutely Fabulous" Moments That Never Get Old

    "She's so cold, I bet she has her periods in cubes."

    1. When Patsy admitted she just lives on vodka.

    2. And when she shared this very relatable memory.

    3. When Patsy made this valid point.

    4. When Eddy dared to dream.

    5. When Patsy shared her thoughts on self-expression.

    6. When Eddy came out with this gem.

    7. And when she asked the important questions.

    8. When Eddy went a bit Theresa May.

    9. When Mrs. M. discovered the internet.

    10. When Eddy shared her ideal cure for stress.

    11. When Patsy was the queen of put-downs...

    12. ...time and time again.

    13. And when Saffy outdid her.

    14. When Eddy was all of us in the morning.

    15. And so was Patsy.

    16. When Whoopi Goldberg played a family therapist.

    17. When the girls' bender got a bit out of hand.

    18. When Eddy tried to work out.

    19. When Patsy shared this vital life lesson.

    20. When Saffy wasn't afraid to tell it like it is.

    21. And neither was Mrs. M.

    22. When the paper printed Patsy's actual age.

    23. When Eddy came up with the best invention.

    24. When Saffy and Patsy reviewed their relationship.

    25. When Mrs. M. found some "washing up gloves".

    26. When Patsy failed to channel Miley Cyrus.

    27. And was up front about her blood alcohol levels.

    Sweeties, thanks for being fabulous.