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    24 Things That Could Only Happen In Scotland

    "Fanny for sale."

    1. This "diversion" on Jura:

    2. This Highland traffic jam:

    3. This hi-vis kilt:

    4. This "ginger pride" march:

    5. This painting of a Greggs steak bake and can of Irn-Bru:

    6. And this steak bake-based birthday cake:

    7. This Twitter account:

    8. This headline:

    9. And this one:

    10. These Easter treats:

    11. Not to mention these:

    12. This newsagent sign:

    13. This "mineral water":

    14. And these back to school supplies:

    15. This joinery business:

    Twitter: @jjonnyyyyy

    (Good with wood)

    16. This pub sign:

    17. This car license plate:

    18. This beautifully-wrapped gift basket:

    19. This memorial bench in Glasgow:

    "Pure heavy beautiful here man."

    20. This gruff taxi driver:

    21. This Irn-Bru cooled PC:

    22. This rail replacement service:

    23. This protest sign:

    24. And last but by no means least, this letter from "Tennent's Brewery":

    "I am writing in reply to your letter dated January 25 in which you enquired about whether we would let you 'hold a giant sesh' in our famous Wellpark Brewery. Unfortunately we do not let anyone, 'sound as fuck' or not, hold parties on our premises, in fact it would be a violation of business and licensing laws.

    While I have no doubt that Smiddy knows 'how to get the burds game as fuck after a few tinnies' and your music taste is as good as those Youtube links to the DJ Hixxy and Rankin tracks suggests, it is simply impossible. I'm not sure if it was a typo or a drug reference when you said your 'mate's wee sister loves to get wined and lined' but it won't be happening in this establishment.

    I wish you the best of luck in planning your 'five year anniversary party of the time Deano pumped Chic's missus' and I recommend you try premises in the Coatbridge or Airdrie areas. Regards, Iain MacArthur, Head of Public Relations.

    P.S. It is poor form when writing to a drinks company asking for a favour to say that you 'prefer Tonic to the pisswater that you cunts try to punt as lager but it's cheap as fuck and a bevvy's a bevvy.'"

    Never change, Scotland. Never change.

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