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    24 Things That Could Only Happen In Scotland

    "Fanny for sale."

    1. This "diversion" on Jura:

    2. This Highland traffic jam:

    3. This hi-vis kilt:

    4. This "ginger pride" march:

    5. This painting of a Greggs steak bake and can of Irn-Bru:

    6. And this steak bake-based birthday cake:

    7. This Twitter account:

    8. This headline:

    9. And this one:

    10. These Easter treats:

    11. Not to mention these:

    12. This newsagent sign:

    13. This "mineral water":

    14. And these back to school supplies:

    15. This joinery business:

    16. This pub sign:

    17. This car license plate:

    18. This beautifully-wrapped gift basket:

    19. This memorial bench in Glasgow:

    20. This gruff taxi driver:

    21. This Irn-Bru cooled PC:

    22. This rail replacement service:

    23. This protest sign:

    24. And last but by no means least, this letter from "Tennent's Brewery":

    Never change, Scotland. Never change.