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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    28 Photos That Prove Scotland And America Are Worlds Apart

    Coachella is great, but it's not a proper festival unless someone shits in your tent.

    1. Music festivals in America:

    Frazer Harrison / Getty

    Music festivals in Scotland:

    2. Theme parks in America:

    Flickr: quintanomedia / Creative Commons

    Theme parks in Scotland:

    3. Fast food in America:

    Fast food in Scotland:

    4. Sports stars in America:

    Sports stars in Scotland:

    5. Moms in America:

    Mums in Scotland:

    6. Graffiti in America:

    Flickr: dlytle / Creative Commons

    Graffiti in Scotland:

    7. Hotels in America:

    Hotels in Scotland:

    8. Pimped out cars in America:

    Flickr: southbeachcars / Creative Commons

    Pimped out cars in Scotland:

    9. Politicians playing sport in America:

    Mark Wilson / Getty Images

    Politicians playing sport in Scotland:

    Andrew Milligan / PA Wire / Press Association Images

    10. Man's best friend in America:

    Man's best friend in Scotland:

    11. Football fans in America.

    Tom Pennington / Getty Images

    Football fans in Scotland:

    12. Luxury gifts in America:

    Luxury gifts in Scotland:

    13. Election candidates in America:


    Election candidates in Scotland:

    14. Counter terrorism forces in America: / Glasgow

    Counter-terrorism forces in Scotland:

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