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    24 Photos That Prove American And Scottish Parties Are Worlds Apart

    America, you need Tennent's chandeliers. H/t Humans Of The Sesh.

    1. Party decorations in America:

    Party decorations in Scotland:

    Party games in America:

    Party games in Scotland:

    2. Party food in America:

    Party food in Scotland:

    3. Fancy-dress costumes in America:

    Fancy-dress costumes in Scotland:

    4. Pool parties in America:

    Pool parties in Scotland:

    5. Cocktail parties in America:

    Cocktail parties in Scotland:

    6. Party supplies in America:

    Party supplies in Scotland:

    7. Barbecues in America:

    Barbecues in Scotland:

    8. Party hosts in America:

    Party hosts in Scotland:

    9. Slumber parties in America:

    Slumber parties in Scotland:

    10. Outdoor parties in America:

    Outdoor parties in Scotland:

    11. What a house looks like after a party in America:

    What a house looks like after a party in Scotland: