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    21 Photos That Prove You Should Never Fuck With Scottish People

    "Just been at the airport to meet my boyfriend with the two other girls he was seeing."

    1. Because their love of Pot Noodles knows no bounds.

    2. Because not even mums are safe from their rage...

    "Fuck sake Rheanne that's my mum calm down x"

    3. ...or sisters...

    4. ...or pals.

    Twitter: @NoorSiliem92

    Ummm...he's not really his pal anymore then, is he?

    5. Because they have a robust approach to security.

    6. Because if you cross them, they will destroy you.

    Twitter: @fuckubecky

    This is amazing.

    7. Because they say exactly what they mean.

    No one is safe from their sharp tongues...or marker pens.

    8. Because this is how they encourage people to vote.

    Twitter: @butsay_

    *Logs on immediately.*

    9. Because they don't put up with shit parking...

    10. ...particularly in Glasgow.

    Twitter: @ScottishSun

    "But it was legally parked!" "I dinnae gie a FOOK."

    11. Because they do crazy shit like this on a regular basis.

    Twitter: @laurenjay

    This sounds like a pretty good night out tbf.

    12. Because they know how to hold a grudge.

    13. And they will never, ever forgive you.

    14. Because not even FB pages are safe from them.

    15. Because they will use your secrets against you.

    Twitter: @scottish_Tweets

    Monopoly really brings out the worst in people. 😳

    16. And take out their feelings on your Fiat Punto.

    17. Because even Scottish grannies are savage AF.

    Twitter: @rowram

    "Sorry Alison but they look shite hope they tasted better than they looked."

    18. Because they aren't scared of anything...

    19. ...not even hijackings.

    The Scotsman / Via

    They're just an excuse for a selfie.

    20. In fact, they're all basically William Wallace.

    "The fork is mightier than the sword." Discuss.

    21. See?

    Daily Record

    Can you believe it's been ten years since this legendary moment?

    Scottish people, you're awesome, scary, and we will never fuck with you. We promise.

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