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    21 Things That Prove Alan Partridge Has Broken The Reality Barrier

    What do you think of the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre? H/t Accidental Partridge.

    1. This pizza warning.

    2. This brothel "menu".

    Am looking at a brothel's website & their menu of sex acts seems to be written by Alan Partridge. #ClassicSex

    3. This TV show idea.

    4. And this one.

    5. Not to mention this one.

    Celebrity Sheep Herding. Seriously? Alan Partridge's Monkey Tennis must surely be in preproduction. #alanpartridge

    6. This experiment.

    7. This Richard Madeley quote.

    "There's not many better things than seeing an older woman skipping."

    8. Will Young's book cover.

    9. This cunning scam.

    10. This delicious cup o' beans.

    Michael from Alan Partridge's Cup'O'Beans is an actual thing in London

    11. This Crystal Palace shirt.

    I am sure all Alan Partridge fans will appreciate this #cpfc shirt ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    12. And this letter.

    A bit of #AccidentalPartridge in my work post today...

    14. And this Groupon deal.

    A deal not to be missed @AccidentalP: #AccidentalPartridge

    15. This apology to a "lady driver".

    Classic #AccidentalPartridge #ncfc #norwich #northnorfolkdigital #bbcradionorfolk #morrisons #shopping @DanB___

    16. This newspaper headline.

    Telegraph & argus news paper at it #AccidentalPartridge @AccidentalP

    17. And this one.

    Wish Jet would come to one of my classes. Would be properly policed, of course RT @AccidentalP #AccidentalPartridge

    19. This classic hat.

    Sonja is selling her products in Sports Direct in Brum. Was half-expecting Alan Partridge to be on the other side.

    20. This magazine advert.

    โ€œ@MrTimDunn: #accidentalpartridge "Smell my cheese" @VapianoUK โ€ You mother!!

    21. And finally, this important newspaper article.

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