16 Terrifying Wikipedia Pages About Ghosts That Will Make You Lose Your Shit

    Don't read this in bed at night. Honestly.

    1. The Exorcism of Roland Doe

    2. The Spectre of Newby Church

    3. The dybbuk box

    4. The Amityville Horror

    5. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

    6. Annabelle

    7. Borley Rectory

    From 1863 until it burned down in 1939, Borley Rectory was considered to be the most haunted house in England. Inhabitants reported seeing the figure of a ghostly nun wandering the grounds, writing would appear on the wall, and servant bells would ring for no reason. When a new family moved into the rectory in 1928, they found a package containing a young woman's skull. Yikes.

    8. The Enfield Poltergeist

    9. The Bell Witch

    The Bell Witch was an entity that allegedly haunted the Bell family in Tennessee in the 1800s. The "witch" would pull their hair and slap them, and even stuck pins in the family's daughter. It gradually began to speak aloud and would interact with visitors and tell them things that no one else could have known about their past and their family, as well as imitating their voices.

    10. The "Montrose Ghost"

    11. Resurrection Mary

    Since the 1930s, men driving northeast through Justice in Illinois have occasionally been stopped by a female hitchhiker dressed in an old-fashioned white dress. She says little and always asks to be let out near Resurrection Cemetery, where she disappears. She also runs out in front of cars near the cemetery, as well as allegedly burning her handprints into the cemetery's iron fence.

    12. The Bélmez Faces

    13. The Ghosts of the Petit Trianon

    On 10 August 1901, two women decided to visit the Palace of Versailles in France. As they were walking through the gardens, the "light and shade" went out of the landscape, they saw people in old-fashioned clothing, and things started to feel flat, lifeless, and unnatural. The women described it as a "tableau vivant" – a living painting. They also came across a terrifying figure seated in the garden that they couldn't bear to go near, and became convinced that they had either time travelled or seen ghosts that day.

    14. The Demon of Brownsville Road

    15. Hairy Hands

    "Hairy Hands" is the name of a particularly homicidal entity said to haunt a road in Dartmoor, England, which has a habit of forcing drivers to crash. In 1921, an army captain reported that a pair of "invisible hands" had taken hold of his wheel and made his vehicle swerve off the road. Other victims have reported seeing the hands, and that they seemed to be covered in hair.

    16. Robert