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15 NSFW, Gross Food Facts Your History Teachers Didn't Want You To Know About

Anyone for whale shit ice cream? No? How about a bread dildo?

1. Mashed yams doubled as lube in 17th-century Japan.

2. Romans would season their food with rotten fish.

3. The Victorians were fond of calf's ear fritters in a buttery sauce...made with brains.

4. And pig's tongues were served at Regency balls.

5. People ate whale shit ice cream in the 17th-century.

6. And viper soup was on the menu too.

7. Our ancestors would eat roasted udders on purpose.

8. Lettuce was a sacred sex symbol in Ancient Egypt.

9. Medieval bread could get you high, or kill you.

10. Tudor cooks would put live animals in dishes.

11. You might have been served a "cockentrice" too.

12. The Emperor Elegabalus fed camel toes to his guests.

13. Cheese was often writhing with insects and maggots.

14. Ancient Greeks were turned on by sparrow brains.

15. And ancient Greek women used bread as dildos.