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    16 Petty And Savage Scottish Texts That'll Make You Say "This Is Me"

    "Are you a banker because leave me a loan." Ouch.

    1. Kells, who has zero chill when it comes to her birthday.

    2. This incredible, impressive, and expensive attempt to make a boyfriend jealous.

    Twitter: @NiamhGordonX

    Never mess with Niamh, guys.

    3. This epic burn of a text.

    4. And this equally cheeky (and funny) one.

    5. Kel, who is an expert at shutting down guys.

    6. This expert piss-taker.

    7. This guy, who trolls Americans like a boss.

    8. Curtis, who wilfully misinterprets instructions.

    Twitter: @C_Linney98

    That is clearly not what she meant.

    9. This hilariously savage "protein drink" prank.

    It's OK though, he didn't drink it (or die). But don't do this to someone.

    10. This guy, who definitely doesn't like to read.

    11. And this dad, who can't resist embarrassing his kid.

    12. This mum, who takes loyalty to Andy Murray seriously.

    Twitter: @xcxxcxxcx

    Well, he is our national hero.

    13. Kyle's dad, who couldn't resist a cheap gag.

    Twitter: @kylerafferty97

    And who is probably now divorced.

    14. This petty boyfriend, who seriously hates farts.

    Twitter: @Coralarcherxo

    He's got a point, to be fair.

    15. This dude, who let another guy sext him for days before revealing his true identity.

    Twitter: @Scottish_Tweets

    Well, that's one way to pass the time, I suppose.

    16. And this truly scathing boss.

    Twitter: @Mark_McLelland

    Scottish people: telling it like it is since 900AD.

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