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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    27 Signs You Were Definitely A '90s Teen Nerd

    "Want to trade X Files comics?" "Can't, I'm off to an internet cafe."

    1. Instead of Just Seventeen or Smash Hits, you bought magazines like this:

    2. And you definitely had this poster in your bedroom.

    3. Your VHS collection looked like this:

    4. Instead of a Point Horror or Judy Blume, you'd be way more likely to pick up one of these bad boys.

    5. Or possibly this:

    6. While other people were covering their pencil case in East 17 stickers, you stuck rigidly to Buffy and Angel.

    Buffy n' Angel 4eva. S.T.I.D.

    7. That's when you weren't covering your tiny tapestry backpack with badges like this, of course.

    8. Wednesdays at 6pm meant only one thing: These guys.

    9. And you knew at least one kid with their own Starfleet uniform.

    God, fine here is an embarrassing picture of me in the 90s #tbt

    "I'm Data. I don't have to go through the stress of puberty because I'm definitely Data."

    10. Although you had to be careful; Star Trek was a gateway show that could lead you to an ever deeper level of geekdom.

    If you found yourself watching Babylon 5 you realised you'd basically given up being moderately normal.

    11. You were thrilled when Channel 5 launched in 1997.

    12. In the early '90s, you and your friends regularly applied to be on Knightmare.

    Retweet if you always wanted to be on Knightmare...

    "Enter, stranger."

    13. And one of your main life goals was to own a Gamesmaster golden joystick.

    Tonight one person will go home with this beauty. The quickjoy 3 supercharger. As featured on gamesmaster.

    So beautiful. So innuendo-laden *wipes away tear*.

    14. You spent most break times on the school's single "worldwide internet"-connected computer.

    15. And went to your local internet cafe at weekends with your friends to do exactly the same thing...

    Flickr: sarchi

    ...for £1.20 an hour.

    16. If you were into guys, your raging hormones led you straight to Fox Mulder.

    17. But if you preferred girls, it was all about Cordelia.

    @RobbieJGeorge yeah I watched new girl for a bit lol, rewatching angel rn forgot how much I used to fancy Cordelia

    Pamela Anders-who?

    18. Dawson's Creek? Whatever. You much preferred Quantum Leap.

    19. Although when you got a bit older you switched your allegiance to these guys.

    20. While your friends were writing "I HEART TAKE THAT" on their notebooks, you were doodling FBI agents.

    Hilary Wardle / BuzzFeed

    As well as carefully tracing the wobbly X-Files logo onto everything in sight.

    21. Or making your very own FBI badge.

    22. And you watched the first season of the 1995 Outer Limits reboot just because Chris Carter directed it.

    MGM Worldwide

    It was totally rubbish, but you stuck with it out of loyalty to the X-Files creator.

    23. In general, you weren't really interested in fashion.

    Which is fine, because you didn't really need to dress up all fancy to play y Star Trek: The Next Generation Final Unity on your friend's dad's PC.

    24. Although you did probably own at least one of these t-shirts.

    Or know someone who did.

    25. Music? Sure you were into music. You had loads of CDs.

    26. Most importantly, you had more way friends than the non-geeky teens.

    I found this pic of my brother and his friends in the 90s and I just hope this was Halloween...

    Your shared interests drew you together, and still do: Geeks stick together for life.

    27. And at least one of your friend group always wore a long black coat and thought they were Neo (or Trinity).

    If you don't remember who that person was, it was probably you.

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