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    21 North-Of-England Habits I Lost When I Moved To Scotland

    "Ey up luv, can you mek us a brew?" *Blank stares all round*

    1. Leaving your coat at home on nights out.

    2. Asking for gravy with your chips...

    It isn't an option in Scotland for some mad reason, so you gird your loins and accept you'll have to have chippy sauce or ketchup instead.

    3. ...or mushy peas.

    They put mint in them up here. Mint! It's a mistake you only make once.

    4. Calling people "luv".

    5. Taking offence.

    6. Thinking that "whisky" = Bell's.

    7. Shortening your sentences.

    8. Saying "barm cake" or "cob".

    The confused conversations this causes are almost painful. "You want chips...on a cake?" You can't ask for a "Wigan Kebab" either: It's a roll and pie here.

    9. Saying "us" instead of "me".

    10. Thinking you can cope with bad weather.

    11. Waiting until it actually gets warm to have a picnic.

    12. Going out on Christmas Eve.

    13. Staying in at New Year.

    14. Lying in bed at weekends.

    15. Calling grumpy people "mardy".

    16. Or accusing people of "mithering" you.

    17. Drinking Boddingtons.

    18. Feeling like the underdog.

    19. Eating steak and kidney puddings...

    You miss them at first, but soon realise that haggis is an even tastier offal-based food choice.

    20. ...and black peas. And bags of boiled potatoes.

    Instagram: @hodmedods

    These brilliant fairground snacks are, sadly, far too healthy for Scottish people.

    21. And, of course, asking people to make you a brew.

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