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    19 Times McAvoy And Fassbender Were The Definition Of Friendship Goals

    McFassy for life.

    1. When Michael took time to make sure James looked his best.

    2. When James didn't let their friendship get in the way of a bit of light mockery.

    3. When they discussed taking their friendship to the next level.

    4. When James tried to trick Michael into thinking he wasn't Scottish.

    5. When they invented the nickname that would launch a thousand "ships".

    6. When Michael complimented James' shiny head.

    7. When they were super relaxed, comfortable BFFs on set.

    8. And when they were there for each other on the red carpet as well.

    9. When they were very chilled about some filthy fan art.

    James: You know what I think it looks like? It looks like a couple that's been togther 25 years and they're like, "You know, we haven't had sex in a long time. Come on, let's try it." Michael: We didn't even take our pants off!

    10. And when there was only one thing on James' mind when he saw this picture.

    11. When they kept trying to out-innuendo each other.

    12. Like, seriously.

    13. GUYS.

    14. When they showed off their sweet, sweet dance moves.

    15. When James told Michael that he was "his Yoda".

    16. When James was truly honest about his feelings.

    17. And then admitted his ulterior motive.

    18. When James was asked what he looked for in a friend.

    19. And, of course, when they had this lovely little cuddle.

    Guys, just get married already.