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    27 Beautiful And Quirky Edinburgh Gifts You Need In Your Life

    Castles, gin, and gorgeous pendants galore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This amazing city map T-shirt.

    You'll never get lost again. Available here.

    2. Or this gorgeous vintage map pendant.

    It's slightly less handy for finding your way around, but just as pretty. Find it here.

    3. This delightful Edinburgh-themed "Super Mario" print.

    Super Edinburgh World features all your favourite landmarks. You can buy it here.

    4. Or this colourful city skyline.

    Or, if you're not a "Super Mario World" fan, how about this equally vibrant skyline print? It's available in a range of sizes here.

    5. This beautifully illustrated travel guide.

    It was designed by Edinburgh College of Art student Ellie Walker. Buy it here.

    6. This retro-chic Edinburgh mug.

    7. This cool Edinburgh tenement kit.

    This fun art project stands 20cm high when finished, and is modelled on the 17th century buildings found in central Edinburgh. Available here.

    8. This Burke and Hare B&B T-shirt.

    For fans of the macabre: Burke and Hare were infamous 19th century murderers who sold bodies to Edinburgh's medical college. Found at Zazzle.

    9. This Edinburgh city skyline ring.

    These understated and elegant rings are made by Edinburgh-based jeweller Hannah Louise Lamb. You can see more of her work here.

    10. This sweet Greyfriars Bobby tote bag.

    This ludicrously cute bag is made by Totes Amazed. You can find it at Candlemaker Row-based gift shop Hannah Zakari.

    11. These colourful notebooks.

    12. Or this eye-catching Edinburgh Castle print.

    Also by Peony and Thistle, and available here.

    13. This pretty Edinburgh plate, cup, and saucer set.

    This lovely Dundas Street design is by Parasite Ceramics. Buy them here and here.

    14. This bright "Edinburgh Alphabet" tea towel.

    Featuring a different landmark for each letter. Available here.

    15. This two-sided Leith Shore cushion.

    Designed by well-known artist The Edinburgh Sketcher, and available here.

    16. This fantastic Edinburgh globe.

    Because Edinburgh is your whole world. Buy it here.

    17. This adorable Edinburgh place mat set.

    Part photograph, part illustration, and available here.

    18. This utterly stunning laser-cut paper lantern.

    This clever sculpture brings Edinburgh to life. You can buy it here.

    19. This delicate cut-out paper street map.

    Available in blue, black, red, purple, or green. You can buy one here.

    20. This "I heart Edinburgh" vinyl clock

    Made from a vintage record. Get it here.

    21. This friendly Edinburgh fox.

    Findlay is an great gift for a older child, or just buy him for yourself. Available here.

    22. These delightful little badges.

    This badge set is an ideal stocking filler. Just £2.99 from this Etsy shop.

    23. This North Edinburgh map tie.

    An ideal gift for the frequently-lost Leither in your life. Get it here.

    24. This understated Edinburgh skyline mug.

    Jammie Dodgers not included. Available from this Etsy shop.

    25. This heavy-duty Edinburgh Castle tote.

    Another amazing artwork by The Edinburgh Sketcher. Get it here.

    26. This jaunty woodblock featuring Leith market.

    So pretty. Buy it here.

    27. This delicious Edinburgh Gin gift set.

    Who wants a chocolate selection box when you could have a box of gin instead? It features three medium sized bottles of booze. Available here.