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Three Years After Her Death, This Cancer Blogger's Story Is Inspiring People All Over Again

In the immortal words of @LisaLynch: "Cancer is an attention-seeking, party-pooping bitch."

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Magazine editor Lisa Lynch was just 28 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Instead of letting the disease (which she called "The Bullshit") beat her, she turned her experiences into a witty and moving blog.

Gerraload of my magic décolletage with wires coming out of it and shiz. S'like my very own optic (for drugs, not gin).

Lisa passed away at Trinity Hospice in south west London on 11 March 2013.

On her blog, Lisa's husband Peter wrote:

"The plan was to be at Trinity Hospice with her husband and parents. The plan was that we would be overlooking the beautiful gardens. The plan was that it would also be peaceful, beautiful, tranquil and pain free. I probably don't need to tell you that Lisa ticked all of those boxes."

Before she died Lisa published this book based on her blog, which has just been adapted into a BBC film of the same name starring Sheridan Smith.

If you watched The C Word, here's Lisa Lynch's book -

After the programme aired, it shot to number one on Amazon's bestseller chart.

'Lisa Lynch longed for #TheCWord to be brought to life – it was an honour to be involved'

The C-Word aired on BBC One last night, and needless to say it was a bit of a tearjerker.

A lot of people watching knew Lisa personally.

I always knew my Sis, @LisaLynch was awesome. So proud that the nation (and beyond) have got to see it too. Long may it continue! #TheCWord

I hope you all enjoy #thecword tonight. I'm an emotional wreck, so I'm off to drink wine and celebrate my beautiful @LisaLynch xxx

Viewers also expressed their admiration for Sheridan Smith's performance.

However, the film seemed to resonate most strongly with people who had first hand experience of cancer.

So close to home with #TheCWord thank you @royalmarsden for looking after me. It could have been very different.

Hundreds of cancer patients, ex-cancer patients and people who had lost loved ones to the disease decided to share their stories.

I'm six weeks post mastectomy. Strange to watch this. I never thought it would be me... #TheCWord

I was in such denial for ages that my hair was ever gonna fall out them stages of it falling out broke my heart #TheCWord 💔

#TheCWord brilliantly portrays how you feel when you have cancer. Im on my 20th session of chemo and losing my hair for the 3rd time

So so proud of my wife for her strength, double mastectomy & reconstruction, infection & reaction but now back to normal. #BRCA #TheCWord

My bestie was exactly the same. We used to laugh so much during my treatment people would frown at us. 😂😜 #TheCWord

@malwhitrick #TheCWord shows what a brave man you were dad. You didn't moan, just kept fighting! I miss you and love you so so much xxx

#TheCWord. The last time I held my mums hand she died that day a brave lady who went very quickly programmes great

After losing my sister to a rare cancer & discovering this week my mum has another lymphoma I think a box of tissues is needed #theCword

#TheCWord @Sheridansmith1 done Lisa and her family proud. My friend passed on Thurs from Liposarcoma she was 22 with 2 boys. #cancersucks

This was Jenna. My sister. Missed everyday by a shit tonne of people. #theCword

The C-Word also acted as a vital reminder to check your boobs, no matter how old you are.

Having watched #TheCWord last night based on the brave and inspiring @LisaLynch I copped a feel this morning @CoppaFeelPeople #checkem

If you were affected in anyway by #TheCWord yesterday then check out the impt work that @CoppaFeelPeople does! now go check those bad boys!

If her book & this production get more people checking for lumps, and talking about cancer, then @LisaLynch & #TheCWord will have succeeded

Most importantly of all, Lisa's brother said that he thinks the film will save lives.

He told The Mirror: "We've always said as a family that if it gets one more person checking a lump or talking to someone that it has worked and done its job."

One thing's for sure: Lisa would have been thrilled – and moved by – the huge response.

Ooeck! Thanks for the tweets! Mighty chuffed, obvs. So much, in fact, that I'm wearing a jumper with rabbits on it to @trinityhospice today.

She probably would have sworn quite a bit too.

Lisa Lynch: Blogger, fighter, writer, lifesaver.

1979 – 2013.