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15 Life-Changing Things All Harry Potter Fans Must Do In Scotland

Can you really call yourself a fan if you've never visited Dumbledore's island tomb?

1. Go to Glen Etive.

2. Meet Errol's sister at the Scottish Owl Centre.

3. Visit the site of Dumbledore's tomb.

4. Or Tom Riddle's grave.

5. Head to Clachaig Gully.

6. Do some writing at The Elephant House in Edinburgh.

J.K. Rowling was a struggling single parent when she wrote parts of the first book in this pretty café’s back room, bringing Harry to life while looking out of the window at the lovely view of Edinburgh Castle. One of the highlights (these days) is the amazing Harry Potter-themed graffiti in the toilets: "Accio marker pen!"

7. And don't forget to visit Spoon Café as well.

This popular café overlooks Edinburgh University's Old College, and it was another one of J.K. Rowling's favourite writing spots. Here she is pictured writing in her favourite window seat back in 1997, when it was called Nicholson's Café, and it was owned by her brother-in-law, who was happy to let her drink free coffee all day. Hero.

8. Take a steam train trip across Glenfinnan Viaduct.

9. Or take the Caledonian Sleeper across Rannoch Moor.

10. Visit Loch Shiel.

11. Go for a walk in Glencoe.

12. Take a selfie at Diagon Alley.

13. High five J.K. Rowling.

14. Check out the mighty Steall Falls.

15. Stay at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh.

Specifically, The Rowling Suite, aka Room 552. J.K. checked into this luxurious suite overlooking the city so that she could concentrate while finishing The Deathly Hallows. At £1,000 a night it's not exactly the cheapest place to make a pilgrimage to, but it's certainly one of the most important. Thanks for 20 years of magic, Jo.

H/T Visit Scotland. Click here for tips on how to plan your travel itinerary for an ideal Harry Potter-themed trip to Scotland.


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