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    24 Batshit Photos That Prove The Past Was Definitely Another Planet

    The original Ronald McDonald was pure nightmare fuel. H/T OldSchoolRidiculous and Vintage Everyday.

    1. These women painting on their tights.

    2. This little girl, who just fucking loves elks.

    3. This NYC cop enjoying a casual dangle from a girder.

    4. This terrible toy.

    5. And this one.

    6. This woman, casually shopping with her pet cheetah.

    7. This useful gadget.

    8. This full-face swimming mask.

    9. This delicious meal.

    10. This stylish accessory.

    11. The original Ronald McDonald.

    12. This children's safety manual from the 1950s.

    13. These well-thought-out swimsuits.

    14. This advert for "sanitized tapeworms".

    15. This practical method of transport.

    16. This surefire way to a man's heart.

    17. Not to mention this romantic gift idea.

    18. The original version of the Michelin Man.

    19. This "dimple machine".

    20. This woman taking a look at her new hairstyle.

    21. And this beautiful home decoration.

    22. This very sensible tennis match.

    23. This elegant way of transporting your dog and kid.

    24. These beautiful children's Halloween costumes.