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    24 Batshit Photos That Prove The Past Was Definitely Another Planet

    The original Ronald McDonald was pure nightmare fuel. H/T OldSchoolRidiculous and Vintage Everyday.

    1. These women painting on their tights.

    Flickr: foxtongue / Creative Commons

    Rationing in WW2 meant that tights weren't easily available. Women used gravy browning to colour their legs instead, which made them taste delicious.

    2. This little girl, who just fucking loves elks.

    Elks were the One Direction of 1903.

    3. This NYC cop enjoying a casual dangle from a girder.

    "Mate, you forgot your bungee cord."

    4. This terrible toy.

    5. And this one. / BuzzFeed

    It was called a "Swing Wing" and seemed to be designed to give children severe neck injuries.

    6. This woman, casually shopping with her pet cheetah.

    Facebook: the.vintage.everyday

    She was American silent film actor Phyllis Gordon, who lived in London and had a cheetah cub flown over from Kenya in the 1930s. Like you do.

    7. This useful gadget.

    Facebook: the.vintage.everyday

    The Minions looked really weird in the 1920s.

    8. This full-face swimming mask.

    Is that her mouth and teeth? Or are they drawn on?

    9. This delicious meal.

    You'd certainly lose weight if this was served to you. Because you wouldn't eat it.

    10. This stylish accessory.

    11. The original Ronald McDonald.

    Like a version of Pennywise who brought you fries. Pennyfries.

    12. This children's safety manual from the 1950s.

    Which pulls no punches whatsoever.

    13. These well-thought-out swimsuits.

    "So, Williamson, how many people drowned?" "About a thousand, sir." "Oh well. Back to the drawing board!"

    14. This advert for "sanitized tapeworms".

    I mean, can you imagine swallowing an UNsanitized tapeworm to lose weight? Thank goodness they clarified that.

    15. This practical method of transport.

    "I'll be there in 22 hours!"

    16. This surefire way to a man's heart.

    "I feel great after eating all that cheese." – no man, ever.

    17. Not to mention this romantic gift idea.

    They can be worn on a "biceps band", apparently. Good to know.

    18. The original version of the Michelin Man.

    He's clearly been eating a lot of manfood.

    19. This "dimple machine".

    Facebook: the.vintage.everyday

    Bleeding indentations in your face = dimples, apparently.

    20. This woman taking a look at her new hairstyle.

    "This isn't quite what I had in mind."

    21. And this beautiful home decoration.

    22. This very sensible tennis match.

    Flickr: foxtongue

    "Fuck sake, Steve, you dropped the ball again."

    23. This elegant way of transporting your dog and kid.

    Twitter: @WeirdHistoryPix

    Even though it definitely looks like there's enough room inside for both of them.

    24. These beautiful children's Halloween costumes.

    Facebook: the.vintage.everyday

    People couldn't buy Iron Man costumes in the 1930s, so they made cardigan troll spider kids instead.