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    Posted on Nov 4, 2015

    24 Facts You'll Only Get Your Head Around After You Leave Scotland

    "Miss you, hen."

    1. Not every country has acres of ancient forests.

    2. Or mountains that stretch for miles.

    3. The words "hen", "doll", and "pal" aren't an integral part of people's vocabulary elsewhere.


    And you'll get a real pang of homesickness whenever you hear them on the phone. "Miss you, hen." "I miss you too, doll."

    4. It turns out that this is winter wear.

    5. Encountering other Scots when you're away is the most emotional experience you'll ever have.

    6. Our attractions are quirkier than you ever realised.

    7. Scottish food is generally (and very hurtfully) considered to be a bit grim.

    8. But Scottish people are basically treated like celebs.

    Parkwood / Columbia

    Everyone will be genuinely excited to hear you're from Scotland, and you'll be like "yeah bitch I'm awesome."

    9. Though the constant requests to "say something Scottish" wear a bit thin after a while.

    10. And you discover your accent is unintelligible in 90% of the world, including other parts of the UK.

    Going to the US and they have no idea what you are saying #doricproblems #scottishproblems

    "Passenger is elderly, hard of hearing, and speaks little English."

    11. Weird Scottish news has ruined you for life.

    News stories everywhere else are so boring. Not a car-stealing sheepdog or crisp-stealing seagull in sight.

    12. And nobody finds your anecdotes about meeting Scottish celebs as cool as you do.

    13. Other countries don't have proper seasons.

    Flickr: steveharris / Creative Commons

    Autumn should be crisp and golden, and winter should look like this.

    14. Although that does mean that camping trips elsewhere aren't Bear Grylls-style exercises in survival.

    15. You had absolutely no idea how fond you were of Highland cattle. Like, at all.

    I miss Scotland so much, I bought a Hamish for our home office <3 I need to go back soon...

    Their on-point fringes bored you, their fluffy coats left you cold, but now they're like a shaggy ginger beacon pointing towards home.

    16. Stone cottages, quaint villages, and sandstone tenements aren't a regular sight in other places.

    17. You should never have taken casual, everyday friendliness for granted.

    18. Or a reasonably priced roll and bacon.

    Sophie Gadd.

    Even if you can get Scottish(ish) food elsewhere, you'll probably pay a premium for it. £8 for a sausage, egg, and bacon roll is a bloody joke though.

    19. Speaking of which, you'll also discover that breakfasts aren't really a thing anywhere else.

    Flickr: adactio / Creative Commons

    "Please take this bircher muesli away and bring me haggis, square sausage, tattie scones, beans, and bacon. And some black pudding. And an egg. Thanks."

    20. You'll be genuinely shocked at how little other people know (or seem to care) about Scotland.


    "You're from Scotland, does that mean you're Irish?" "Is Bannockburn a type of cake?" Shuuuuuuttttt uppppppppp.

    21. You miss being able to escape the hustle and bustle and lose yourself in an empty landscape.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    Even if you found that landscape mildly boring when it was on your doorstep.

    22. You'll also pine for the awe-inspiring sight of the Northern Lights flickering overhead.

    23. And also (and more importantly) for Irn-Bru.

    24. But most of all, you'll realise just how much you truly love this sign.

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