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    Posted on Nov 9, 2017

    12 Glasgow And 11 London Tweets That Will Make You Say "What The Fuck"?

    Marauding geese, dangling neds, and rancid bus mince? No thank you.

    1. This beautiful alfresco dining scene in Glasgow.

    10 degrees spring is here. Govan's Gregg's has got the street furniture out. You could swear you were in Barcelona.

    2. This average day in the life of a London commuter.

    Amazing! Photographer captures rare moment of a Londoner being born.

    3. This really confusing crime.

    4. And this equally baffling one in Clydebank.

    5. This pigeon-fancier in Glasgow.

    6. This beautiful and affordable London flat.

    Luxury accommodation to let in East London. Spacious double room, well ventilated, close to amenities. £1,500pcm.

    7. This tragic but sexy end to a bake sale.

    Glasgow City Council bake sale cancelled after dildo found in cake:

    8. This entirely unironic "job" offer.

    9. This display of ned sporting prowess in Glasgow.

    10. And this inspiring sight in London.

    Call off the search! The most depressing photo of the day/week/month/ year has been found “@iucounu: @mjohnharrison ”

    11. This extremely pushy Glasgow piercing addict.

    No pls why is a random girl threatening to pierce my belly button cba 😂😂😂😂

    12. This mysterious free beef, spotted in London.

    So I get on a bus & someone has abandoned 3.5lb of beef mince on the seats. Oh London, every time I think I unders…

    13. This disturbing pooing arrangement in Glasgow.

    Get yersel doon to silverburn and dae a shite wi yer pal

    14. This extremely worrying TfL sign.

    15. This deeply disappointing Glasgow delivery.

    Just ordered a milkshake and this fucking turned up 😂😂😂 wit the actual fuck am a meant to do with that

    16. This unappealing-sounding London barber.

    What most people wouldn't want from a hair cut, in just three words...

    17. And this equally unappealing Glasgow neighbour.

    18. This utterly WTF dog "walker" spotted in London.

    Just a regular afternoon on Kilburn High Road #onlyinlondon

    19. This eye-opening Glaswegian threat.

    I've just seen a guy chasing another guy down the street, shouting "I'll shag yer da AND yer maw" #Glasgow

    20. This shameful hipster coffee from a London café.

    "How would you like your iced coffee?" "Deconstructed and served on a child's book, please." (Pic: Lyn Nguyen)

    21. And this disgraceful treatment of haggis.

    ."@STVGlasgow: Haggis, neeps and tatties in a half pint glass - good or bad idea? ”

    22. These London bin-spitters.

    23. And these Glasgow close-pissers.

    Haha still laughing at this #OnlyinGlasgow #class

    Maybe we should just merge the two cities and call it Glasdon. Or Londow.

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