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If These Scottish Tweets Don't Make You Laugh, You're Probably Dead

You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll never look at Lisa Simpson the same way again.

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Theresa May looks like the kinda woman when u where younger and your ball went inty her garden she'd get her husband to go oot and burst it


Innit weird how when ye hate someone everythin they post pisses u off like they tweet "i love soup" n ur like aye a bet ye fuckin do


Mums found drink in my wee brothers room and pulls him up about it and all his reply was "look I really don't have time for this"😂 HOWLIN


Hate they cunts that always try an better ye, u say uv booked Florida an suddenly Janice is goin on a 2week all inclusive tae fuckin Jupiter


Cba, customer asked to return a camo jacket and I said I couldn't see it and she's reported me 🙂


See when people come into my work n go "you're always here" ??? mate a work here, YOU are always here


am so bad for over-packing like yeh al just bring tons more pants in case a pish masel every day that am there

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