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18 Of The Most WTF Crimes Ever Committed In Scotland

"A train passenger was caught trying to have sex with the on-board drinks trolley."

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2. When this sweary teacher quoted Still Game.

3. When this Glaswegian man decided the police weren't feeding their horses properly.

4. When a Scotland rugby star started the weirdest, booziest Halloween "fracas" of all time.

Instagram: @adnil1967

5. When this shitfaced passenger from Letham took his love of hot drinks too far.

6. When this baffling crime happened.

“@ThePoke: Meanwhile in Clydebank ”...what will it take for the government to crack down on potato crime in Scotland?

7. When this total numpty decided to commit grand theft cucumber.

8. And when this one couldn't tell the difference between a knife and a spoon.

20th Century Fox / / BuzzFeed

9. When this Dundee reveller decided he didn't need a taxi.

Scottish man arrested for bouncing down dual carriageway in Dundee on #SpaceHopper ...

10. When an Aberdeen seagull carried out a series of cunning crisp heists.

11. When this peckish criminal made the worst decision ever.

Scottish man jailed for breaking into police station and cooking ravioli & Weetabix 😮 #WTH #UK #scotland #brits #scot

12. When this cheeky mine worker was arrested in Kyrgyzstan for being rude about their national dish.

Scottish man ‘deported’ from Kyrgyzstan after comparing national dish to horse penis

13. When this legendary whisky heist baffled police.

15. When this incredibly mild act of vandalism took place in leafy Bearsden.

17. When this MWI passenger decided to take a mid-air piss.

Scottish man 'tries to open door' at 30000 ft on KLM flight to Amsterdam, mistaking it for the loo entrance

18. And, of course, when Glasgow police arrested Santa. Twice.

People really need to stop leaving him glasses of Buckfast out on Christmas Eve.

People really need to stop leaving him glasses of Buckfast out on Christmas Eve.