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    Posted on Nov 5, 2017

    34 Hilarious "Black Books" Moments That Will Make You Shit Yourself Laughing

    "Half ten? I've never been up at half ten. What happens?"

    1. When Bernard demonstrated his lack of tastebuds.

    Big Talk / Channel 4

    2. When Bernard wrote a "children's" novel.

    Big Talk / Channel 4
    Big Talk / Channel 4

    3. And when he refused to give a child a book.

    4. When Bernard trolled a group of Millwall fans.

    5. And when he had the perfect escape plan.

    Channel 4 /

    6. When Manny failed to convince Bernard to have fun.

    7. When Bernard introduced us to his morning routine.

    8. When Bernard rejected Manny's friendship.

    9. And when he was an unobservant man-child.

    10. When Manny was at his wit's end.

    11. When Bernard was all of us at the cinema.

    12. And when he was most of us in the mornings.

    13. When Bernard's handwriting left a lot to be desired.

    14. And when he shut down this travesty.

    15. When Manny's boring parents came to stay.

    16. When Bernard turned into Yoda.

    Big Talk / Channel 4

    17. When David Walliams was very ungrateful.

    18. And when Bernard saluted his terrible lifestyle.

    19. When Bernard tried to woo his "summer girlfriend".

    20. When Bernard's customer service skills hit a new low.

    21. When Bernard gave Gordon Ramsey a run for his money.

    22. And when his presentation skills left a lot to be desired.

    23. When Bernard dished out some good advice.

    24. And when he summed up the pain of existence.

    25. When Bernard confused some missionaries.

    26. When Fran shot down Bernard's advances.

    27. When Bernard had no time for cold callers.

    28. When Manny's "human shelf" plan backfired.

    29. When Bernard discussed his heritage.

    30. When Bernard was a truly terrible house guest.

    31. When Manny did a spot of cleaning.

    Big Talk / Channel 4

    32. When Bernard struggled with his taxes.

    33. When Manny got peckish.

    Big Talk / Channel 4

    34. And, of course, when Bernard enjoyed an "ice lolly".

    Best. TV show. Ever.

    Big Talk / Channel 4

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