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Hylophobia Is A Very Real Thing And You Definitely Have It

There's a reason that bodies are always found in the woods.

There's a surprising phobia that many humans have but don't always realise it. It's called hylophobia.

Otherwise known as a fear of woods or forests.

Think you don't have it? You do, because you surely wouldn't want to go inside this creepy forest cabin.

And if you found this on a hike, would you run?

Not that you'd get far if you did, of course.

In a forest, you just never know what horrors could be lurking close by, behind the trees, just out of sight.

Imagine walking around a corner and seeing this.

Would you knock on this door? Surely not.

It's far too easy to get lost in the woods.

You never know who might be following you.


Does this pitch-dark path look remotely appealing?

No, it doesn't. Because this is probably at the end of it.

There's a reason bodies are often found in the woods.

Let's face it: Forests are strange, spooky, and alarming.

And if you still don't think they're scary, look at this: