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21 Things That Prove Fucking Hipsters Have Taken Over Scotland

The Bearded Ones have finally made it north of the border.

1. This "upcycled" cigarette machine aquarium in a Glasgow bar.

Twitter: @probationboy

"Does it matter that we can't really see the fish?" "No."

2. An Aberdeen restaurant that serves food in a bin lid.

Twitter: @IanelFontanero

Clatty bastards.

3. And a Glasgow pub that serves its chicken wings in a pissing treasure chest.

Twitter: @rogersbenj

"Are we a pirate-themed bar?" "No." "Then why do..." "You're fired."

4. Everything about this photo of a cocktail bar in Edinburgh, but particularly the hairdryer light.

5. This fucking wine glass filled with sausage and mash.

6. And this "mugotto".

"Our special today is risotto in a mug." "Why is it special?" "It's in a mug." (Pic: @AFraserAllen)

7. This twee eatery in Dollar, which has forgotten how to table.

Twitter: @trulytineke

"Does it matter that people can't fit their legs underneath it?" "No."

8. This wanky periodic table of coffee (and "anti-coffee") in an Edinburgh cafe.

Twitter: @pilgrimbeart

"I want some tea please." "Some what?" "I want some anti-coffee please."

9. This bloody disgrace in Glasgow.

Twitter: @MattandCat

Focaccia right off.

10. This fucking chair.

11. And this "pop-up" absinthe bar in a converted horse box.

Twitter: @kaykoyamagore

Who needs natural light or space to have a good time?

12. A Glasgow pub that serves 40p "sardines in a tin" for £6.

Twitter: @CityliciousUK

They're literally taken out of the tin, heated up, and put back in it again.

13. This disgraceful treatment of our national dish.


14. This souped-up penny-farthing, chained to an Edinburgh railing.

Twitter: @helengrantsays

So practical.

15. A Glasgow restaurant that serves the bill in a tiny frying pan.

Twitter: @jmo21

"I'd like my receipt medium-rare, please."

16. These innocent potato croquettes, served on a charity shop painting in Edinburgh.

17. The bloody "Brotique" men's store.

18. This shopping trolley of coffee at an Edinburgh market.

19. Scallops in a scooped-out coconut shell, anyone?

20. This definitive proof that the hipsters have colonised Scotland.

21. And finally, two words: Deconstructed. Soup.

Edinburgh. 11 quid for soup. But it is "deconstructed"

*packs bags* *emigrates*

There's only one way to defeat them.

Twitter: @rugs77

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