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19 Hipster Food Atrocities That Will Make All Scots Go Fucking Radge

Most of these edible abominations happened in Edinburgh, unsurprisingly.

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5. This reheated rip-off.

Lasagne, served in its microwaveable plastic tray in a billiecan in an Italian restaurant, Edinburgh. @WeWantPlates

How much cheekier can hipsters get?


9. This so-called "full Scottish breakfast", served to an unsuspecting diner in Edinburgh.

Twitter: @Scubee

Link sausages? Potatoes? Pancakes? No. Where's the lorne? Where's the tattie scones? Where's the humanity? *Calls the police*

11. Not to mention this bizarre presentation.

Croquettes served on a picture in a frame... Uh I think @WeWantPlates! #Edinburgh

It's not even a nice picture.


14. This ludicrous mugotto from an Edinburgh pub.

"Our special today is risotto in a mug." "Why is it special?" "It's in a mug." (Pic: @AFraserAllen)

15. This frankly insane way to serve broth.

@WeWantPlates chicken broth, "percolating" in Edinburgh. 😐

It's hot chicken water, not a pour-over, single-origin Macau espresso.


18. This bollocks.

Mini-shopping-trolley idiocy at a pop-up artisan coffee stall in Edinburgh's Waverley Market. (Pic: Odran Doherty)

*Shakes head so violently it falls off*