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    21 Piss-Funny Scottish Tweets That Will Make You Feel Better About 2017

    "This cat is not for sale, she is 18 and has decided she wants to live in the window."

    1. This perfectly named couple.

    2. This frankly hilarious mix-up.

    3. This great point about London's response to terror.

    4. This pug, who is here to take care of you.

    5. And this amazing cat, who's living her best life.

    Twitter: @scottish_tweets

    "This cat is not for sale, she is 18 years old and has decided she wants to live in the window. She won, we lost."

    6. This excellent burn by ex-Scottish PM Alex Salmond.

    7. This equally πŸ”₯ clapback by Nicola Sturgeon.

    Twitter: @nicolasturgeon

    On yersel' hen.

    8. And this spot-on observation.

    when you walk back into the sesh after throwing up

    9. This smiling shiba on a plane.

    10. This lovely cow having a lovely bath.

    11. This kid's World Book Day costume.

    12. This splendid, hilarious Wikipedia caption.

    13. This granny's impressive burn book.

    Twitter: @jasoncarrollx

    "What does a Maryhill girl use as protection during sex? A bus shelter."

    14. And this gran, who doesn't give a single shit either.

    Twitter: @_kaitlynmcgrory

    We should all live our lives like this.

    15. This absolute belter of a dog.

    Dug waving bye to is leavin the pub πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜‚

    16. This incredible act of generosity.

    17. This adorable bit of yarn-bombing.

    18. This "legal tender" role-reversal.

    Twitter: @Scottish_Tweets

    How do you like THEM apples, Londoners?

    19. This absolutely amazing protest sign.

    20. This very important observation that will change the way you see Donald Trump forever.

    Twitter: @kalvinmacleod

    It's all OK guys he's just a giant chicken.

    21. And finally, these comforting words:

    Twitter: @daftlimmy

    *Breathes a big sigh of relief.*

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