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21 Reasons Why I Could Never, Ever Be A Teacher


1. Firstly, because they don't get paid nearly enough.

Twitter: @MissTeacher_ / Thinkstock

Don't really want to end up having to cook meth to look after my family.

2. And they end up having to spend what they do earn on things that the school should really supply.

This does not seem fair.

3. Then transport it all to class themselves.

4. They have to deal with seriously infuriating trends.

Twitter: @ESL_fairy

Whoever invented fidget spinners should be shot...or made to sit in a room full of kids with fidget spinners for seven hours.

5. Not to mention irritating songs.

Twitter: @c_quintonsmith

Let this song go. Please.

6. There are way too many *facepalm* moments.

7. And frustrating days like this.

8. It's damn exhausting, too.

Twitter: @MissTeacher_ / Thinkstock

By the time they've finished marking, they're in bed. That's no fun.

9. And they don't really get a break at weekends.

10. Mainly thanks to the never-ending lesson plans.

11. And the principal doesn't always have their back.

They just pile the work on even higher.

12. Kids will try anything to avoid studying.

13. So the teachers always have to be on guard.

Which must get very tiring.

14. And kids can be downright abusive at times.

15. Some parents blame their failures on the teacher.

Twitter: @lauescott / Thinkstock

Which just takes the piss, frankly.

16. That's when they're not "helping" with their kids' homework, of course.

How will they learn if they don't do their work themselves?

17. The risk of public embarrassment is too high.

Twitter: @carinbondar

*Cringes for days*

18. They spend too much time dealing with bad behaviour.

Twitter: @TeacherProbs11

What a waste of a good sandwich.

19. Seriously, how do they cope with the distractions?

20. It must be stressful AF.

21. And TBH, I'm just not tough enough to do it.

So let's take time to thank all the teachers out there.


You're doing great, guys.

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