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    28 Haunting Photos That Prove Scotland Is Even More Beautiful At Night

    We don't need daylight; we have the aurora, and blazing star trails over ancient castles.

    1. Dryhope Tower in the Scottish Borders.

    Slide71 / Getty Images

    2. The Trossachs from Ben A'an.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    3. The Aurora Borealis over The Isle of Bute.

    Flickr: by-mark / Creative Commons

    4. Dusk on the Isle of Harris.

    Colin_abernethy / Getty Images

    5. The Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis.

    Richardalock / Getty Images

    6. Fireworks over the Forth Bridge, Edinburgh.

    Animalnige / Getty Images

    7. Sunset over The Quiraing, Isle of Skye.

    Inigofotografia / Getty Images

    8. The Aurora Borealis over North Berwick.

    Cheeseong / Getty Images

    9. Sgurr an Fhidhleir from Stac Pollaidh, Inverpolly.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    10. The Field of Light art installation, Edinburgh.

    Flickr: chrisfleming / Creative Commons

    11. The Milky Way over the Isle of Mull.

    Shaunnessey / Getty Images

    12. Star trails over Nigg Bay, Aberdeen.

    Kelz87 / Getty Images

    13. The Aonach Eagach ridge in Glencoe.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    14. The Kelpies, Falkirk.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    15. Night mists flowing over Cul Mòr, Ullapool.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    16. Sunset over Port Glasgow and the Firth of Clyde.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    17. The Maid of the Loch on Loch Lomond.

    Lomondphotography / Getty Images

    18. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.

    Ryandeanmorrison / Getty Images

    19. Fields of wheat in Ayton, Berwickshire.

    Flickr: jono566 / Creative Commons

    20. Lady Stair's Close, Edinburgh.

    Colinmyersphotography / Getty Images

    21. The Milky Way over a misty field in Stirlingshire.

    Joops / Getty Images

    22. The Old Town, Edinburgh.

    Flickr: somekindofrob / Creative Commons

    23. The Aurora Borealis over the Isle of Skye.

    Rosn123 / Getty Images

    24. Edinburgh skyline taken from Holyrood Park.

    John Pavel / Getty Images

    25. Sunset over Loch Linnhe.

    Flickr: jono566 / Creative Commons

    26. The Aurora Borealis over Belhaven Bay.

    Flickr: jono566 / Creative Commons

    27. Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow.

    Flickr: diversey / Creative Commons

    28. Buachaille Etive Mòr, Glencoe.

    Flickr: 127130111@N06 / Creative Commons

    "Stars o frost, bruckle as braith, kyth like howp, melt like faith." – William Hershaw.

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